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Taste testing expensive rums - are they worth it?

I'm always on the lookout for new brands to try, but who wants to pay £20 upwards to try something you end up not liking?

Well, you may or may not know about the company Master of Malt; an online retailer of whisky and other spirits, who offer you the chance to purchase 30ml bottles of brands that take your fancy.

I only found out about this when Elyse over on Sweetelyseblog, sent me a "Drinks by the Dram" gift set, much to my delight.

What was in my gift set?

Spytail Black Ginger Rum | Rumbullion! | Bombo 40 Rum Caramel & Coconut | Dark Matter Spiced Rum | Black Magic Spiced Rum.

The bottles come nicely sealed with wax, which is soft and nice to the touch and is definitely not edible!

The Breakdown

 Spytail Black Ginger Rum 

I love ginger; I cook with it and I like it as a tea, so naturally, I am drawn to this one. When you taste this, you will be hit instantly by the ginger and it's a very nice warming feeling. This is a French rum, blended and infused with ginger and other spices and tastes great mixed with Cola or on its own. C'est formidable!


This rum is very easy to drink without a mixer, it's smooth, sweet and I find that it doesn't cause a burn in the throat like most alcohol does - weird!.  This is made by a company called Ableforth, and the rum they produce is loved by rum lovers and non-rum lovers alike!

 Bombo 40 Rum Caramel & Coconut

This is an oddball I think, but I love it and it will almost certainly be getting a more permanent place in my rum locker. Straight off the bat, you will taste the syrupy caramel, flavour that lingers and then subtly makes way for the coconut notes that are there at the start but are more prominent at the end.

Bombo also make Caramel & Spices and Caramel & Banana variants of this rum!

 Dark Matter Spiced Rum

This is a very strong rum and tastes of pepper and cloves. It's a hard one to drink straight, but with a mixer, it's really pleasant! This rum is made in my home country (Scotland) and is the first and only distillery here. If you want a rum that will kick your ass then this is the one for you.

 Black Magic Spiced Rum

Dark spiced rum that is mild, almost like a weaker version of the Dark Matter bottle, so it's an easier one to drink on its own. Mixed I find that it's not unlike Captain Morgans, but it does hold its own. Very tasty!

I really enjoyed the Rumbullion! and the Bombo bottles the most, as I have a sweeter tooth. I will be revisiting them all again the future, though.

Have you tried Drinks by the Dram? What did you get? Please let me know in the comments!

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