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Instagram Favourites | 5 Accounts You Need to Follow

Hapy new year, however, I've decided to bring back an old favourite with the Instagram Faves section. Sometimes when I feel blah, I like to scroll (sings they see me scrollin' aka Chamillionaire style) on Instagram. Sounds silly sure, but for me seeing visual art, inspiration and imagery are akin to therapy. A good image can beat Prozac any day in my book which is why this feature deserves to live! 

So the first compilation is a breakdown of pages that ace the imagery awards. Sure they're food-based but they're artistic food-based and I for one don't give a damn how tasty the food is or how easy or hard it is to make at home, these accounts are not about the ''recipe'' and more about the visual gluttony they provide. 


Hey SP

You'll find a range of posts over on Hey SP, from nature, words, rainbows, some rough images and some eye porn based summary themed ones like those above. There really is a delight in scrolling through this account. Since it's inception the style has changed, you'll see that yourself - I wonder where this account will go next in 2021. 

The Scran Line

Ah, this man is awesome! His designs and creations are out of this world, at times nearly literally. Focussing on movies, songs and rainbow themes, his cakes and cupcakes are at times almost surreal. Go check for yourself...

Charlotte Lovely

If you see faces in everything then Charlotte Lovely is the page to go. Her current style seems to be just that - faces on everything. Each image is art, you grow to love and hate each of these weird little people/faces. You can almost imagine most in a kids cartoon somehow. 

The Cake Blog

A mix of everything sugar. Again the style has veered to more cupcakes and cakes. But each is a visual delight. I especially love their older creations and all of their autumn and winter ones - you can't beat anything with an apple and toffee in it, there's something so warming to the soul seeing that, at least for me anyway. 

Nectar and Stone 

One of the first visual food pages I ever followed was Nectar and Stone. I used to wish I lived closer to them but I don't so I can only enjoy from afar. Each creation is dainty, you can imagine the work that goes into each visual. I mean look at each tiny star on that doughnut above, all added by hand. Each colour palette carefully thought out and the execution is nearly perfect. I'm thinking this page is maybe run by robots and not humans given the accuracy in the details. 

Let me know your thoughts on the five above, where any of the pages that you currently follow? Let me know also any other suggestions for inclusions - which page you love, hate or feel inspired by. 



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