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Aveda | Chakra Perfume Mist Sprays

The Chakra Collection was released last year and its main purpose has been highly debated in certain blogging circles. This isn't one of those overly-hyped products probably because some people either believe in holistic living and spirituality while others believe it's mumbo jumbo. There are a small number of people who are intrigued by the product and it's mainly those bloggers I've read a review of this product from. 

I fall into the first category - those who absolutely try to live as holistically and spirituality as possible. Damn it I want to be self-sufficient, talk about peace, love, chakras and zen and to be fair, in person I really do a lot but there's a fine line in our society isn't there. I'm known as being a very spiritual lady and a bit hippyish although I look anything but hippyish. I love yoga, I love living naturally and yes I am a pagan but I was brought up this way so it's become second nature. I've witnessed and felt the difference that positive thinking and cosmic ordering can do and I have witnessed some a lot of strange events. The main thing for me and the life lesson I saturate my boys with is 'do good and it comes back to you, do bad and you'll only get bad back too' Karma. My aim is to ensure we are stacking up our good karma because you just don't know when you may need to cash out on that goodness, do you? 

These chakra mists are hopefully going to be an important step in keeping me and my chakra's balanced. This collection uses Ayurveda healing which originates from India, each of the chakras represents areas of our body and in, turn it resides over emotions and our actions. For example, the heart chakra is located in the centre of your chest (besides your heart) it reigns over love, self-love and your ability to give and receive love. If it was closed you might be scared of being loved and ultimately cheat or do something detrimental to a relationship, if it's open and balanced then you're comfortable giving and receiving love, being in relationships and your mood will be happy and stable too. 

Some of these sprays are tricky to get, number 6 is especially tricky. I opted for spray number 5 which is the throat chakra. The centre of creativity, self-expression and communication. When your throat chakra is balanced you're confident, reliant and able to communicate effectively. When you are not balanced you are unable to express yourself effectively, selfish and can have feelings of rejection. 

You can check out what they all mean here more in-depth than the image above. 

You can see Aveda Chakra Perfumes costs £30 via Debenhams. I found it was out of stock in most places including the Aveda website. It's located in the fragrance section because it is a fragrance and those who aren't into the new age side of it will view it based on its notes and scent alone. For those who are into the chakra balancing aspect chances are you'll be drawn to the right one for you. Funnily enough, the notes in spray 5 are notes that I especially love - Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit and Rosemary. 

It can be used as a perfume where you spritz it on once or twice a day. It can also be used when you're stressed, having a difficult time or even when you want a moment of clarity - in those cases I'd recommend carrying it about with you. 

I did buy some other bits and bobs which I'll review, of course, I decided to spent my Christmas voucher and it was tough, there were so many items that I wanted that my basket was at well over £600, I had to narrow it down to the £100 so I didn't go into my own bank account. As soon as my spray and bits and bobs come I will pop them up for you to see *happy dance* I'm so excited! 


Statement: Purchased Myself 

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  1. I am concerned about the use of "fragrance" in these products instead of natural oils. Fragrance usually contains a host of chemicals that are very bad for humans as a rule. Mine makes my tongue feel prickly and I won't be using it anymore.


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