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Rituals Laughing Buddah Range | Good Luck Scrub

'The amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act on it

The quote above is apparently by Barbara Sher and it's an exact representation of this brand and this product. As a bohemian woman, I am naturally drawn to brand and well, anything that portrays these beliefs. I am a Rituals brand convert mostly because their products really pack a spiritual punch and because I can always relate to the deeper meaning behind each product. 

Pictured above is the Good Luck Scrub which is part of the Rituals Laughing Buddha-range. Scented with sweet orange and cedarwood I promise you this smells a little bit naughty with a hint of zingy. 

The Laughing Buddha-range was named after a famous monk from 1100 years ago that was said to have spread happiness everywhere he went. The tradition of rubbing the Buddha's belly to symbolise happiness, good luck and prosperity came from this particular Buddha. Rituals wanted to extend this symbolism into a range of products which includes scrubs, body oils, shower foam, body cream, deodorants, perfumed oils and a room spray. Basically, the range covers everything from cleansing to scenting your body and home. 

This scrub is made using organic sugar and softening oils, as soon as I pulled back the seal the perfume hit me and I couldn't get enough. It's fruity, vibrant with a hint of seduction - seductions good, I can never turn down something that's going to make me feel all womanly and sexy. I'm sure this scent will also make you smile too. 

I use this on the weekends to really cleanse and exfoliate my body. I steer clear of my face due to it being scented and the sugars are quite grainy which isn't suitable for the delicate facial area. As a body scrub however it's perfect. When you scrub with this it disintegrates into a gorgeous creamy oil that nourishes your body leaving it soft and glowing, it's so lush to use and the scrubby sugars don't nick or sting your skin even if you have cuts or tender parts. 

I fully believe in the law of attraction, as much as it sounds like hippy-dippy stuff it really works. I love that when I go into the bathroom this vibrant orange tub automatically makes me think of good luck and happiness. I'm pretty sure it's this positive mental attitude that's helped to bring forward all of the good things that's come our way recently. Positive is a positive does. 

You can purchase the Good Luck scrub, and also the rest of the Laughing Buddha Rituals collection over on the Rituals website. However, if you're after a bargain you can go through Quidco and get free delivery and 7% cashback.  


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