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Rituals | Under a Fig Tree Diffuser

I am addicted to the Rituals brand - like seriously. I could easily drop £100+ and not bat an eyelid whereas any other brand I would absolutely feel guilty and a little selfish about spending that sort of money on myself. For those who regularly read my little blog will know I am very much a boho-hippy type of woman who is also pagan; this means I absolutely believe in living life positively, in tune with nature and as spiritually as possible. I believe in spiritual growth, I regularly partake in some cosmic ordering and yup my sons do too - it gives me focus, it has helped us through so many negative and bad events and since changing my outlook to this type of way of life we've not had as much upset in our lives in the sense of something happening and being unable to get over the heartache, stress and worry. 

A big part of my way of life is surrounding myself with things that make me happy. I'm driven by scents, colours and textures; comfort and happiness are key and my sons thrive off this also. Home scents such as candles, diffusers and even drawer liners that linger on your daily clothing make me happy - notes such as neroli, sandalwood, patchouli, amber and warming fig are way up on my list; next notes such as raspberry, tonka, cashmere and blackcurrant notes are equally gorgeous. 

Rituals offer lots of products but I can't get enough of their home fragrance products such as candles, diffusers, home perfumes and even the refills. The brand like to create products based around ancient soul-soothing practices such as Hamman baths, the beauty of nature and also Ayurvedic and Tao practices. I initially purchased the mini Under a Fig Tree diffuser in October, this was marketed as lasting for around 2 months but it literally only just finished 10 days ago! that's 3 and a half beautifully scented months... 

I received a bottle of Under a Fig Tree fragrance, a black wooden topper and a set of sticks. Like other diffusers you take off the safety cap on the fragrance, pop on the wooden topper and pop those sticks into the fragrance bottle, fixing them so they sit nicely. 

Just as so. Unlike other diffusers I found this let off equal amounts of scent day and night up until it finished, we had this sitting in the living room among our other candles and you can also see in the background there the Rituals Sacred Fire candle. 

I love the simplistic design of each other the products they create, while the packing is very nature-inspired (dark glass, wood and mood-boosting colours) the perfume itself is incredible. I would absolutely incredible and is a delight to smell while partaking in yoga, meditation or even just chilling watching the TV or reading. 

Some people become addicted to Lush, some are addicted to Models Own or even Yankee Candle - for me it's Rituals. Because my blog is definitely taking a bohemian approach I will be dabbling into my addiction more over the spring and summer so expect to see more brand reviews. You can pop one of these diffusers into your basket on the Feel Unique site, Rituals website and John Lewis, although it seems John Lewis (where I purchased mine from) is currently out of stock.  


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