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Valentine’s Day | Gift Guide Special

I realised that I hadn't posted this on time. One week later I'm still posting this as Valentine's Day should really be a regular habit for everyone. Love and appreciation is an important aspect in life, that we lose through work, stress and the usual distractions. Yes, the 14th has many meanings and has a history that's erm, less romantic than it is these days but none the less it has a uniqueness that no-other annual celebration has in its ability to empower couples and singles to feel love and to be in love with both themselves and others.

Growing up Valentine's Day was a pointless holiday that was in my opinion mainly beneficial to the economy rather than individuals. I wasn't romantic, I wasn't overly sweet, loving or mushy and that was my major downfall because I didn't show love and I wouldn't let myself believe any of the things that others said and that included loving comments or compliments. I just didn't get those ladies who went all out in their heart print jumpers and red nails. Fast forward to my current relationship and I am that woman who gets excited about Valentine's Day. The giddiness, Cupid, love hearts, red outfits, pink lipsticks, dressing up in nice clothing, sending cards and the whole Disney-esque celebrations along with the romance. 

I just want to be with Connor and to spend that time feeling close to him, like we did at the start and how we still do today but minus the stresses of day-to-day living. I believe Valentine's Day is that day - it’s a day of excess but excess where it's needed and that is to show those who are significant to you how much they are loved as we don’t tend to do this throughout the year, which is a shame really. On the same note, I adore how it can strengthen 'girl power' as I see so many women celebrating each other and empowering themselves to fall in love with life, with themselves and to also enable them to feel empowered in their own skins. It's an amazing thing and so far from the commercialised holiday, I used to believe it was. When Connor and I started dating it took a long time for me to feel comfortable with compliments, but he changed that, and he changed my whole world - when we started dating I became comfortable in my own skin which was never the case before, but he persevered and broke down my barriers.  

For us Valentine's Day is more than just 'date night' we do like to spoil each other because we each believe that the other deserves to be spoiled. We don't expect gifts but, I know come February I will have chosen what gift I'm getting him, and he will have done the same. But along with gifts, we will spend the day together, we will enjoy good food, good drinks, good company and each other. And, as the day progresses we will forget about the world, life and everything that distracts us on a normal day and it will just be us. It doesn't have to be about the price, you can pick up something small and novel to show your better half that you still know them and that you get their personality and that you believe they are worthy of being spoiled and adored. 

But, if you do want to buy some gifts then I have some recommendations for you to suit all tastes...
Modern Rarity Teardrop Diamond Ring | Olivia Burton Lace Watch
Bluebella Red Lace Body | Eden Mill Love Gin | MAC Versicolor Lip Stain - Preserving Passion

Want to bring the passion back, then start with yourself - make yourself feel amazing and special and the confidence will flow over into your relationship. You cannot beat the lace body by Bluebella and the good thing is it will suit all body types. I've had three big babies and I dislike my stomach area, but you can bet your life I would feel utterly gorgeous wearing that. 

Top it off with the Mac Versicolor lip stain and some simple but sophisticated accessories to make you feel like a million pounds. Shake your hair about and pop on some mascara and you're good to go! 

Mr Natty Gift Tube | Paul Smith Trunks | Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Ultra EDT
Noveltea Earl Grey Gin | Hotel Chocolat Coffee Beans

Likewise, spoil yourself (if you're male) or your better half on some new aftershave - Le Male Ultra EDT by Jean Paul Gaultier is a spicier version of the timeless scent. Top notes include bergamot, pear, mint, lavender, and lemon. Dry down includes caraway, cinnamon and Clary sage on a base of  black vanilla husk, amber, patchouli, and cedar. Overall, it's a sexy but masculine scent which will make the pheromones spike enormously. Start the night with some tea flavoured gin and chocolate coffee beans and end the night with these awesome Paul Smith, tight striped trunks. 

What's not to like?

Emma Bridgewater Pink Hearts Mug | Yvonne Ellen Wild Jasmine Candle
Missoma Labrodite Necklace | East of India 'Love You' Stamp | Jo Malone Lime & Basil Cologne

Not into the glitz and glam and prefer the simpler things? Why not spoil yourself or your friends with this absolutely adorable heart mug? I personally cannot get enough of Emma Bridgewater and her mugs have become iconic over the last few years. Spritz on Lime and Basil Cologne by Jo Malone, it’s a unisex scent which will make yourself feel empowered and invigorated. Team it with the labradorite necklace by Missoma for a little gemstone help with the transformation and burn some candles while winding down - Wild Jasmine is a great option as Jasmine helps to boost confidence as well as having a gorgeous, soft and sultry scent.

Or if you're really wanting to go all out, buy a few more gifts - one for your better half, your kids, your best friend but don’t forget about yourself. You can check out more Valentine’s Day inspiration over on John Lewis as they have some amazing gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Falling in love with yourself if the first step to enabling you to feel love and to be loved. Don’t do what I did for so many years and block that, because when you let go of those barriers – it is an amazing thing. 
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