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Valentine's day is a special one for us as we both believe in regular date nights, spending time on and with each other and really making the most. At the beginning of most relationships people will take the time to dress up, take care of themselves and really push the whole self-care movement and I believe that's a great thing. When you get complacent in relationships its easy to put yourself last, which can mean wearing clothes that make you feel less confident, not treating your skin or hair or letting your diet go out of the window and its all OK to some degree but not when you're not taking care of yourself. 

So regular date nights stop us from putting ourselves last. And don't get me wrong we don't always manage to go out on a date, sometimes its just an internet free night cuddled up with a Netflix binge, but Valentine's Day we try to go all out. We both wear our best clothes, or if there is enough in the budget we get something new, I will dye my hair, I will wear more makeup than normal (smokey eye anyone!) and we either go to the cinema or out for food just spending the day and night together in each others company. 

While it all sounds so extravagant, we're always mindful of our budget and that does mean that we can't splurge as much as we'd like. We normally forgo gifts in place of date night as memories will last longer than items we buy that aren't needed. 

With a budget in place, typically I always forget to treat myself to new underwear. Going out my first purchases are always a new dress or top, never what I wear underneath. It's crazy that its commonplace for ladies to not regularly buy new underwear when its the lingerie that's supporting our goods and will make us feel better, crazy huh? 

I was contacted by Hunkemöller about collaborating and checking out their website I said a big hell yes to collaborating because their underwear is fantastic. Exactly the styles I opt for. It actually took me a few days to decide what I wanted to choose because there were so many items I liked. Choosing one was difficult. 

Typically I go for bras that have a great shape but are a little different. Being petite most of my tops slide forward so an unusual strap or decorative feature detracts from unnecessary skin showing. Eventually, I opted for the Kennedy Padded Long-Line Bra in red. This style is available in sizes 32A to 36D. 

I chose the Kennedy bra because of the colour and the style. I'm only a little 34 B cup so padded bras aren't a worry for me, I like having little boobs but I still need support (3 kids will do that even to little boobs). This is front fastening so it boosts cleavage even when there isn't any plus, it's easy to pop on and pop off *winks*

The back is strappy but not too feminine. Wearing a dress that sits lower will show hints of the strapping at the sides which I think is super sexy. Showing a little skin rather than a lot leaves your partner wanting to see more, very burlesque...

The cups are lightly padded and have a foam shelf on them to hoist little boobs up. The masculine design holds you in all of the right places but the lace on the cups themselves balances the design of this bra. It looks expensive but only costs £34 and is made so well that it will last for years. 

Our Valentine's Day never went to plan this year, I'll cover that in a separate post so this bra didn't get it's forayed out into date night but the hairy boy loves it. He hates underwear that's too try-hard and this for him and myself was a winner. Although it was Valentine's Day pick, it's definitely a good all-rounder and has become a daily wear bra. 

Hunkemöller stock all types of underwear if this type of bra isn't your style. You can check out their range over on the Hunkemöller website. 



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