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Why We Need Similarly Motivated People Around Us

It's tough to stay positive all the time. Life isn’t all about smiles and laughter. In fact, many astute philosophers have convened and talked about what life is all about. The most popular sentiment is that life is, for the most part, suffering and boredom and, only interrupted with brief moments of joy. However, it's very difficult to remain motivated to chase after those little sips of joy. The harshness of life itself can overwhelm you. It can break you down and cause you to no longer care about the future. Depression sets up a tent and then starts building a brick house for a more permanent stay.

How can one get out of this stupor when it seems like the benefits or rewards of doing so, are already being outweighed by the challenges? Surrounding yourself with people who are similarly motivated will greatly increase your chances of this happening. You can succeed if there are people around you that will you on, that push you just as much as they push themselves. It's vital that you have people like this in your life.

Fighting depression and a lack of happiness in life can be done alone, but for most individuals, they need a helping hand to get them through a rough patch.

In your professional life

If sleeping occupies on average a third of our life on this planet, then our professional lives occupy almost as much. We spend many hours in a place where we must be cordial, speak with respect, honour the hierarchy, be creative, find solutions to problems and work with all different kinds of people. It's never easy to be surrounded by people who you know, you would not be spending time with outside of work. A clash of personalities can have positive effects just as much as negative. You learn how to cope with and deal with personalities that you don’t like. Managing your emotions and upholding a professional rapport is good to build character. Yet, to balance out the frustrations you have with some people at work, you need to find those that you can agree with.

First of all, don’t look for a shoulder to cry on among your colleagues. People have their own issues and the office isn’t somewhere you should divulge in this. If there is an HR department in the company you work for then contact them if you need to speak with someone about your mental health pertaining to work. However, your attitude will increase when you speak with people who share similar views, work in a similar fashion, and have aims and goals that you largely identify with also. Climbing into the same boat, those that you can build a professional relationship with might see you as an ally.

When you can achieve this you and your allies at work can rely on each other and work together in a common cause. Camaraderie in stressful environments can often have a cooling effect on anxiety and general unhappiness with your career or role.

The body is the temple

We regularly abuse our own bodies with overeating, using addictive substances through over-drinking and succumbing to the party lifestyle. We don’t think much of it when we’re young because why should we right? We have all the time in the world to get healthy and make sure we’re eating right etc. It's not so simple as that although it might seem like it is when you are in your early or late 20s. We put many miles on the clock and our bodies will feel it in the end. Drinking, partying, eating junk food with plenty of carbs all leads to feeling groggy and sluggish. Since our bodies are the temple for our mind to relax in, if we stay unhealthy for a long time our mind can actually begin to feel depressed because of this. We can’t run as fast, we can’t lift as much and generally, we’re just tired more often. One way to change this is to take working out seriously.

Working out can be your road to calmness again. For many people exercising is therapeutic because they are working toward a goal and each time they get closer and closer. There’s almost no way you can’t see results each time you go for a run or a calorie-burning session in the gym. Who knows you might even find that taking an advanced course and learning how to take better care of your body with professional knowledge may help you long into your life. If you’re going down this road consider the questions posted on https://origympersonaltrainercourses.co.uk/blog/personal-trainer-questions regarding your website. You can be the person that motivates others who are searching for direction. But first, make sure that none of them is left in the lurch so display some basic information on your website.

Shutting those out

No matter how much you might like someone in conversation, their attitude or comments they make to you could be adding to your lack of happiness. Family members that on the surface seem like their normal and nice, might be hiding something underhanding in the way they speak to you. Have you ever had someone close to you say something like ‘you can’t do that’ when speaking about your ambitions? Have you ever had a so-called friend laugh at you when you are trying to have a serious conversation with them about something that means a lot to you? It's complicated but these kinds of people who might seem like they care about you, don’t really feel that inside of them. Consequently, you need to shut them out of your life and not allow their nay-saying to have any impact in your life.

We need to have people around us that hold similar values. It's not to say that you shouldn’t engage with people who don’t, but if for example, you feel alone at work this is something to aim toward. Find other professionals that really want to achieve the things you want to, and share a common goal together. This can greatly improve your mood at work and not have you counting down the hours until you break off for the day.


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