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2019 started and we had grand hopes for a better year, yes things have not gone to plan but we're still hopeful for everything great to happen. We've been engaged for a few years but there was no point making any wedding plans because we had to deal with hairy boys previous relationship and going forward my own divorce. 

We managed to sort hairy boys previous relationship issues so once I'm divorced we'll still take things super slowly. Weddings for me are hugely over-hyped and far too expensive for what is an extravagant party. Its something we both agree on. The only issue, however, is that all of the venues we would love to have for our own wedding, cater to large ''wedding parties'' which come at hugely inflated costs. So, we're putting a focus on the important things in the hope the rest will fall into place. 

For us, that is the union and the people who will be with us celebrating us being legally married, the rings; because we'll have these forever, the food, the drink and the music. We know it will be super small, we both love a local band called Bahookie who are incredible! Now if we could find somewhere that allows us to have a band, food such as a hog roast or hired food van and fire to toast marshmallows on then we'll be great. 

As for the wedding rings, they've been harder. We do have bands that we use as our engagement rings, we were going to use these again for wedding rings but mine is too small and the style doesn't fit us both now. We've checked the usual places such as H Samuels  and Ernest Jones but it's hard to find a design that is ''us'' 

We absolutely want matching rings. Mine being thinner banded and his being thicker. The trouble we have is that we don't want modern metals or plated. We want something that's not too simple (I prefer simpler styles than hairy boy) and completely different from what we've had before. When we do find rings we like, you can't get them in our sizes - I'm a UK J and hairy boys a UK R. But then I found these gorgeous ones above; I especially love the one on the right, hairy boy does too but also really likes the one on the left one. Both a good compromise I feel on our requirements for simple but ''different''. They look bold and chunky too so will look great for years. 

Over the few years we've been engaged and discussed the possible wedding types, the rings have been the biggest issues for us. Until now. Once we have our rings, we'll save for the other little things until we finally decide on a location. But hairy boy and I both ideally want to do it outside (weather dependent) and we both want to opt for handfasting due to being pagan, maybe we'll just do it in our back garden if laws apply for that *smiles* 

The rings above are over on Michael Arthur. If you're looking for anything similar you can check these out over on wedding rings Sydney


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