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Apothederm | Stretch Mark Cream

Apothederm launched itself into the skincare market in 2011 and haven't looked back. Their breakout star within the Apothederm collection has been the stretch mark cream pictured above as it combines both great skincare ingredients with science. Promising to reduce the signs of stretch marks, uneven, discoloured and generally imperfect skin in as little as two weeks I knew I had to jump on this bandwagon.

As a mummy to three 'large' babies I know exactly how it feels to see your skin go from youthful, even and taut to flabby, uneven and marked with your pregnancy war scars. For most of us, there is little we can do to stop stretch marks especially if our mum suffered from them (damn genes and hereditary flaws) but Apothederm gives all of us who joined the stretch mark brigade some possible hope. 

At £63.99 for 160g, I was hoping, wishing and praying that it would be this wonder cream that would see me regain some of my youth. It definitely carries a hefty price tag but, stats such as 90% of people getting visible results within twelve weeks it sure gives me more hope that it will work. 

The cream contains a variety of ingredients such as moisturising Shea butter, cocoa butter and olive oil which are found in the best nourishing products on the market but combines these with more powerful scientific ones such as; heptapeptide-7 which is a tough cookie of an ingredient which promotes skin renewal as well as resveratrol which protects the skin against damage makes this cream a tough hitter.  

I plan to use this twice a day as stated on the bottle on my stomach, arms, and legs and will update you when the twelve weeks are up. Currently, I find the creams soothing, it feels cooling like Aloe gel does but of course it's a cream. Once applied it feels as though it's nourishing my skin but doesn't feel oily like many other 'nourishing' products do. 

So far so good, I can't say I have seen any difference yet but it is still only 1 week in. I really have my fingers crossed for this product and hope it doesn't end up as one of those over-hyped ones that end up being a huge letdown. 

Have you tried this brand or this product in particular? or are there any other stretch mark products you've tried that you loved? 

You can purchase this from the Dermacare Direct website or Amazon.   


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