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Here's How I Put A Great Outfit Together

I love fashion, and I know you do too. But there are times when I wish I felt a little more inspired by the items in my wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong. I have some great fashion lurking in there somewhere. The challenge is to put it all together into a really great outfit. So what’s my secret? I think the secret is in the shopping. After all, we can’t afford to buy enough fashion to have a completely different outfit every day. But we can make it look different by mixing and matching each item well.

When I’m out shopping, I’m always drawn to those fashion items that will look good with several different colours. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with just blacks or whites. On the contrary, the more colours within the fabric, the more chance you have of matching it with something else you already own. And yes, black really does work with just about everything. But a splash of colour makes any outfit really pop, so don’t shy away from it. After all, fashion is supposed to be fun.

I also look for items that can be worn in different ways. Skirts are pretty good in that way. You can get at least two different lengths out of every skirt by wearing the waistband higher or lower. Wide belts are great for hiding the extra length if you need it. You can always give the illusion of a different length with a long shirt, top, or even pop socks. Trousers don’t quite give you the same freedom, but a belt can give you a completely different look.

I always say that accessories are the key to recreating an old outfit into something new. It might be monogrammed jewellery or a really great hat that gives your outfit a fabby new look. I love wearing plenty of accessories. Necklaces and bangles can give you just the edge you need to feel fresh and stylish even if you’re wearing something from last year’s wardrobe. Hats are always a great choice, but belts are the key to reviving something old into a brand new look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours, widths and styles.

When I’m putting something together, I’m thinking about shape and texture as much as colour. If I’m looking for something long and sleek, then I know I can get away with more colour and detail. If I want something chunky and full of texture on top, then the skirt or leggings need to be less busy. Sometime's I like to downplay my outfit with more comfortable pieces but can still keep it unique by customising my own, I find that Custom OTG shirts are a great option, especially if you want to feel unique. A really detailed skirt can look incredible with a plain vest top dressed up with plenty of accessories. The skirt often determines the shoes you can get away with too. I don’t have a lot of colourful shoes, but if you’ve got them, try to match at least one colour in your outfit.

I love it when an outfit comes together! You can lay out items on the bed to check they work together. Sometimes the fun of it is trying it all on, though. How do you put your outfits together?


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