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JooMo Skincare | Soothe Your Hormonal Skin

The search for all natural cosmetics and skincare continues. It is believed that no-one can make a product that is entirely 100% natural with most products containing at least a few chemical or synthetic produced ingredients. I’m not sure what everyone’s understanding is around product ingredients and the health aspects that are linked to those particular chemicals but some chemicals can be found in both cosmetics, skincare and body care products as well as in drain cleaners and petrol which are carcinogenic.  

Would you put petrol on your skin? 

Would you clean your face with drain cleaner?

The issue that JooMo found was that many products claim to be natural when they really weren't.

The guidelines for ‘natural’ skincare products are that if the product has x amount of synthetics under the legal guideline level then they can use the word natural in their product description. This is miss-leading and unfair on those who really are 100% natural. Some of the leading brands within the green and natural beauty sector have been found to include Polyaminopropyl Biguanide which is a disinfectant that's used to clean contact lenses. They also found Disodium Phosphate which is a food additive used to quicken cooking times.

Doesn’t sound so natural now do they? JooMo isn't one of those nasty brands. Nick Wallen who is the co-founder of JooMo said: 

What the industry experts had failed to do was look beyond the idea of individual ingredients serving one purpose only.’  

They developed SaponinJ which was a defining moment in the natural skincare industry and in doing so they earned their place as the holy grail of skincare products.

So, those industry insiders who believed it couldn’t be done have been proven wrong with JooMo creating a 100% natural face wash. SaponinJ is a skin repair system that deals with existing skin problems and the damage caused by synthetic products as well as repairing the skin’s natural defences to prevent future allergies, infection and inflammation.

The brand launched in July 2012 and was marketed towards younger skin types, you know the acne and blackhead prone, sensitive and hormonal types. We've all been there at some point in our lives and you may [just like myself] still be dealing with angsty skin issues so this company and in particular - cleanser - is actually suited to all ages. 

I couldn't wait to try it out.

I was kindly sent a JooMo Honey & Orange face wash to test and to give you all my honest opinion so here goes: 

The product comes in a 100ml tube which is mainly white with a fun and colourful doodle design on the front. The tube tells us that it is 100% truly natural and the reverse ingredients list tells us it contains sea salt, unrefined sugar, honey, saponins, orange peel oil, clove, cinnamon leaf oil and lots of yummy sounding healthy ingredients.  

I trust this will do what it says it will so I couldn’t wait to jump into the bath and try it out.
The product when squeezed out looks like lighter in colour and smells wonderful and festive like warm orange cinnamon and honey Christmas scent. It feels smooth on the skin and is easy to use and it feels like it is cleaning my skin. After using the product my skin feels clean but moisture, normally my skin feels clean when I use a product but starts to tighten shortly after with JooMo this didn’t happen, which left me really impressed.

Normally my skin starts to return to its normal combination type within a few hours with my t-zone and forehead going greasy and my cheeks and chin going sore and dry but my t-zone never returned to oily until morning. I’m not sure if this was due to the ingredients or due to the product being natural?

Either way, my opinion is only positive and I would recommend this product to those who wish they had perfect skin. It’s a dream to apply, smells gorgeous and will show results in a day or so, (with me it was within the few hours, hopefully, everyone will have the same results in such a quick timeframe)

Check them out over on the JooMo website


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