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Ration Challenge 2019 | Only 95 Calories Per Day

So, guys, I am doing the Ration Challenge for 2019. It's a challenge hosted annually by Concern Worldwide who challenge Joe Bloggs to eat the same rations that Syrian refugees do, but, only for one week. Easy right? 

Here is what I have to eat, shown in the image below...Not so easy now is it. I get no salt or spices either until after I raise a set amount so things will simply be eaten to stay alive rather than out of enjoyment. 

So why would I do this? Well as a mum, it's important I feel to do what we possibly can to help children especially stay nourished. Health is huge, without it there is no ''us''. Hunger can do so many things to people and in turn, it snowballs into what we call the world today. Hunger and poverty are prevalent in areas now that shouldn't be suffering from it, for these refugees they're suffering due to war. Parents fleeing war-torn areas, areas they love just to keep their families safe but in the long run, they're being left malnourished. That hurts my heart hugely. 

While my challenge won't make a huge dent in the issue at hand, I'm hoping it helps. Suffering for one week is nothing in comparison, sometimes you have to suffer to understand others and to bring you back down to the real aspect of being human. Not everything is a bed of roses and while our life in the UK is not rich, it's absolutely not as poor as so many people across the world today. 

The Kit contains:

300ml Sunflower oil
400g Red kidney beans
80g Dried Chickpeas
170g Red Lentils
420g White Rice
1.5kg White Rice (using voucher) 
A small amount of flour (using voucher)

You will see from the nutrition below that there are so many essential components to life missing or in short supply. Deficiencies of even the basic vitamins and minerals have some pretty serious consequences that worsen as the deficiency worsens putting the human body into some serious difficulty.

Symptoms of deficiencies include hair loss, memory impairments, neuropathies, tremors, weakness, fainting, fits, suicidal tendencies, mental health impairment, inflammation, kidney stones and dysfunction, liver dysfunction, fertility issues, PMS and even death.

The nutrition in this ration kit totals a whopping 689 calories! For the whole week. An average for a day's calories is a paltry 95 calories. A huge deficit of 1905 for me as a woman and more for a man.

✓ 689 Weekly calories  ✓ 95 Daily calories  ✓ 54% Energy

✓ 110% Carbohydrates ✓ 32% Fibre

✓ 4% Fat  ✓ 9% Omega 3  ✓ 5% Omega 6  ✓ 0% Cholesterol 

✓ 46% Protein  ✓ 60% Cysteine  ✓ 58% Histidine  
✓ 72% Isoleucine  ✓ 62% Leucine 
✓ 38% Lysine  ✓ 62% Methionine  ✓ 107% Phenylalanine  ✓ 56% Threonine  ✓ 76% Tryptophan  ✓ 59% Tyrosine  ✓ 72% Valine 

✓ 91% B1 Thiamine  ✓ 32% B2 Riboflavin  ✓ 58% B3 Niacin  ✓ 33% B5 Pantothenic Acid  
✓ 31% B6 Pyridoxine  ✓ 0% B12 Cobalamin  ✓ 78% Folate  ✓ 0% Vit A  ✓ 1% Vit C  ✓ 0% Vit D  ✓ 2% Vit E  ✓ 6% Vit K 

✓ 8% Calcium  ✓ 59% Copper  ✓ 44% Iron  ✓ 24% Magnesium  ✓ 120% Manganese  ✓ 44% Phosphorus  ✓ 9% Potassium  ✓ 77% Selenium  ✓ 81% Sodium ✓ 33% Zinc 

You can help greatly by donating, all amounts count. If you can't donate, please can you share this on one social media channel? I will be doing daily updates during the ration challenge so all help with this amazing challenge would be indebted.

My page is here: https://my.rationchallenge.org.uk/sweetelyseuk



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