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Rekorderlig | Blackberries, Violet & Juniper Cider

Rekorderlig and Kopparberg are leaders in flavoured ciders, you'd be pushed to find competitors as large or innovative as this pair, however, I've found in my personal opinion Rekorderlig have upped their game - immensely. The Swedish Cider brand has launched a new addition within their Botanical portfolio and continues to create new flavours based on trends and customer demand far more regular than Kopparberg - Kopparberg get with the plan, you need to make new flavours!

Well, Rekorderlig has done it again with a new addition to their Botanicals range - Blackberry, Violet and Juniper flavour. Sold exclusively at Tesco (online and offline) this flavour will take you back to your childhood. While reminiscent of Parma Violet sweets, I do feel that some brands have hopped onto that bandwagon too literally. The sweets are great, don't get me wrong, but they're small sweets that are tolerable in small sweet size doses, not in glass after glass of gin or cider. 

But, Rekorderlig must feel that way also (I'm just going to believe this is the case) and that's why they've teamed the flavour combination this way - violets giving the drink a sweet botanical hit with the blackberries curbing any cloyingly false tastes with some super tart berry notes. It really should work in harmony. I've yet to taste this flavour but, I will eat my hat if this pairing doesn't work. 

The drink is also vegan and gluten-free friendly. Hurrah! I'm so fed up of swelling up like a puffer fish so, at £2 per bottle, it's a nice adult treat. I find the Botanical ciders are far gentler on my conditions and taste lovely, the Rhubarb, lemon and mint is my current favourite from the collection. 

Other flavours in the collection include: 

Grapefruit and Rosemary
Peach and Basic
Rhubarb, Lemon and Mint 

What are your thoughts on brands launching ''premium'' collections? For me personally, I'm all for it if they really are going above and beyond, in this case, I feel Rekorderlig are doing just that - making their collections suitable for both celiacs and vegans is huge - now if they could remove the sulphites that would be superb. You can find these and many other latest launches on Tesco online


Brand: Rekorderlig
ABV: 4%
Calories:  170 per bottle
Packaging: 330ml Glass Bottles 
Launching: June 2019


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