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Viridian's L-Theanine & Lemon Balm Supplements | The Original Teatox

I would absolutely class myself as a health advocate but what I believe to be healthy varies from anyone else I know. As a child, I dreamt of becoming a doctor but in the '80s a doctor was deemed to be a 'mans job' so I put it on a back burner. However, I've never been able to shake the itch to become a doctor and now as a thirty-something, I'm working my ass off to achieve my honours degree at home; so I can finally try to get a placement at university doing medicine - if I never achieve it I'll be happy in the knowledge that I at least tried and at least I have learned so much over my many years studying and researching.

One of the things I have learned is how each bodily system functions, how one small change can affect another system immensely and as someone who suffers from a range of autoimmune and genetic issues I do try to ensure I'm taking in the adequate amount of vitamins, supplements and minerals but due to those issues, my body doesn't function correctly and it causes issues with malnutrition which then comes with its own set of difficulties. The main problems for me are fatigue, pain, weight fluctuations and ensuring my cognitive function stays high.


I've tried most brands of supplements and I do test out many unusual supplements which I will be featuring on here because I believe they can help so many others who are in a similar boat to myself. L-Theanine is one of those supplements and it can be found in both the Theaceae family (tea family) and the Boletus Badius family (mushroom fungus) - If you've ever jumped on the green tea bandwagon then it's probably because of the theanine in the green tea as it's that component that does all of the good work.

Once digested L-Theanine converts to L-glutamate in the liver and intestines and it can cross the brain barrier which makes this a fantastic product for those who need to improve cognitive function, reduce their stress, improve their depression or mood disorders and to relax any mental fog. It doesn't only help mental function, it actually improves anxiety, it helps to keep blood pressure under control and promotes an increase in alpha waves which help to reduce problematic things such as OCD, phobias, sleep disorders and fibromyalgia. I have fibromyalgia which was so bad a few years back I couldn't leave the house, I walked with sticks and I rarely slept and went days without sleep was tough - hellish almost.

Lemon Balm is another useful herb which doesn't come from the lemon family as some would believe but rather the mint family - crazy huh? the leaves are typically used in medicine for digestive upsets, bloating, gas builds up, colic, reflux, nausea, and even colic. If you suffer from lady problems then you'll adore lemon balm too as it also helps to reduce the amount of cramping each month, reduces migraines and headaches that come from the hormonal problems such as the menstrual cycle and lemon balm helps to smooth out that dip in mood that can come during or before your cycle.

Both these herbal ingredients are fantastic on their own but together they're a powerhouse!


The supplements that I tried were by L-Theanine & Lemon Balm capsules by Viridian via the Nutrition Centre. Viridian are a leader in supplements and believe in offering ethical products which gets them extra ticks, in my opinion, they make a charity donation with every purchase and you can send back your bottle for recycling or simply reuse it yourself. Their products come in apothecary style dark glass bottles which also get major ticks as I believe that all supplements and herbal products should be sold in this way as it improves shelf life and keeps them from going bad. These are suitable for vegans, they're free from sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, lactose, preservatives, and artificial colours and the ingredients are 100% active.

When I purchase any form of health or well-being product I research the heck out of it, I check it's sources and the dosage amount purely because some will advertise as having an ingredient when in fact it's so far under the recommended dosage radar that it won't do a thing. Bio-availability is also another issue as some supplements can't be used by the body unless they're paired with a buddy (vegetables and a fat source for example - if you eat veggies with no fat your body can't use the vitamins and minerals as they're not bioavailable, if you add a little butter to your veggies or a healthy oil your body can take all of the vitamins and minerals it needs). Viridian is one of those brands (in the top three) that factor in these concerns so you know you are safe and ultimately you're getting your money's worth because the benefits that are being advertised by the brand can be achieved if you take the product as directed.

Taking these capsules was a doddle because they don't taste. I've tried some supplements that were horrible, beefy or mouldy smelling - if you sniff this jar you'll smell a mild tea scent which is quite nice too (I wouldn't recommend sniffing jars, people may think you're a tad crazy). The recommended dosage is one to two capsules per day, I've been taking two and I honestly have seen and felt a huge difference!

I didn't believe I would but I found within the first week I felt more awake when normally I'd be struggling to keep my eyes open. I also found I became more focused as my foggy brain cleared and my moods have definitely improved - no PMS for me this month and my emotions have been on a pretty calm even-keel so the hairy boy is a happy bunny too. I suffer from GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) which is so painful and I've noticed that this has disappeared for the most part with only a couple of problematic days. While it's not a listed benefit I've also lost weight! unexpected but greatly appreciated as I have had a number of issues with my thyroid and of course the lack of energy meant that doing as much exercise or moving about was tough, now I can and it's wonderful.

The bottle size contains 30 capsules, I'm nearly finished these and I will be buying more but this time I'll purchase a 90 capsule bottle as I can't go back to struggling to stay awake during the day as I hate living like that, it's just not fair on my family and as a working mama bear (and starting a new job) I need to feel refreshed and vibrant each day.

So would I recommend these? I absolutely would. I've not had any side effects (I'm very sensitive to supplements and prescription meds normally), they were easy to take and the benefits were visible quickly. They're from a trusted brand who don't hold back any information and I love that you can reuse the bottles. As a sensitive celiac sufferer, they don't contain wheat and gluten which makes me so happy because there are many brands out there that don't cater to us and while some might believe a product is gluten-free there can be hidden gluten which makes us very ill.


The Nutrition Centre sell lots of amazing brands such as Viridian, Bach's (I adore Bach's), Better You (who make the tastiest vitamin sprays ever), JASON Skincare, REN, Pukka Herbs and many more. You can pick up your own L-Theanine & Lemon Balm here if you want to get in on this action - if you suffer from erratic moods, fatigue or pain disorders, autoimmune conditions and even SAD then I 100% recommend these supplements.


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  1. How do you take these capsules at night to or one in morning and one at night? Does it leads to drowsiness. Can I take one in the morning when going to class?

  2. Do these capsules help you sleep. As you suffer with GERD,I also suffer with GERD and really started worrying when reading as to where it can lead. I have started making kefir with the grains and the GERD, fingers crossed seems to have disappeared.


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