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3 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship

Many relationships sail along happily when all is going well in life. When there is money to spare, when every day is a pleasure, or at the very least mundane, and there are no tragedies or painful experiences to face. Unfortunately, though, there is likely to come a time sooner or later when your relationship will be tested, which is why today we are sharing with you 3 ways to ensure your relationship stays strong through the tough times. 

Whether you are in a new relationship or you have been together for a decade, life sometimes throws things at you that are incredibly difficult to cope with, both personally and as a couple. As everyone deals with things in their own way, it can be hard to hold onto the normal stability in your relationship and some experiences can forever change the people that you are. But they say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The same can often be said for relationships that weather the storms, so do work to pull together rather than drifting apart in the face of adversity. Whether you are going through a cycle of IVF, struggling through a family bereavement or dealing with an unwanted redundancy, you need to stay committed to your relationship with one another. 

Communicate honestly

As with all things in life, communication is absolutely key. When you are communicating, accept that you will both be emotional, irrational and not your usual selves. Don’t worry about that, it would be unnatural any other way, but do focus on remaining honest. If you are somebody that likes to talk everything through and air every thought that you have, that’s great and you will feel better for sharing it all. 

However, bear in mind that your partner might not operate in the same way and they might need time to process and think things through before articulating their feelings. Do allow them time to do this, don’t push and push, however difficult it is for you to wait. 

Keep touching 

It is important to continue to be affectionate with one another. This can mean anything from maintaining your healthy sex life to holding each other as you go to sleep each night. 

Perhaps you both just need a hug every morning, a kiss before parting ways or to hold hands whilst you are out and about. Keep the physical connection up, just as you work on your mental bond through communicating honestly. 

Create ‘normal’ moments 

This can be so hard to do when you are suffering, but creating moments of normality can help to bring you together again, pull you out of your own head from time to time. If you like to cook together and this is your normally chatty time each evening, make the effort to throw together a meal. If you enjoy watching films together, arrange a night in curled up together on the sofa.

We are not suggesting that these moments will erase any problems and they might not even manage to distract you from them for long, but they will create a familiar closeness again, enough to see you through another day together.

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