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Nailberry | Favourite Polishes for Summer

One of the most popular Nailberry collections launched in Spring-Summer 2014, the collection got major hype and was made up of twelve shades suited for the happiest seasons of the year. Nailberry had only launched their brand in September of 2013 so for this collection to be a major seller, was incredible for such a new brand.  

I've blogged about them a few times and my first polishes from the brand were Atlantic (deep blue with green undertone) and Strawberry Jam (strawberry jam colour) (review here). I still opt for the Nailberry polish over others in my collection today.  

Unlike many other big brands, Nailberry polishes are non-toxic, four free and made by hand. I fully support UK companies that try to improve their standards and you know what I'm like with ingredients *wink* I'm an ingredient snob, especially since becoming a mummy eight years ago - using products that are as safe as can be (within reason of course) which won't cause any nasty side effects or long term effects are always going to be my product of choice and Nailberry fits my snobbish rules to a tee. 

The collection consists of pretty pastel shades which make up the spring collection and brights which make up the summer collection. The spring polishes will all work seamlessly together and colours include...

Lush // light grey-blue

♥ Fashionista // burgundy pink
♥ Young and Fabulous // dusky pink
 Noisette // warm brown
 Mystere // lilac-grey
 Lait-d' Armande // cherry champagne

The summer collection is bright, vibrant and juicy! polishes include 

 Rio // Brazilian yellow

 De Janeiro // Brazilian green
 Extravagant // plum
 A Smart Cookie // deep pink
 Bubblegum // bright pink
 Baby Blue // blue

I have three of the new polishes, Rio, De Janeiro and Mystere to show you and the matching swatches. Typically I'm a two swatch girl and normally gauge a polish based on it's the ability to be opaque on two swatches. I know there are bloggers who happily pop on three and even four coats but I always find my polish chips, smudges or wrinkles with too many coats even if they're thin coats. 

The consistency of Nailberry polishes is perfect and I do feel like Goldilocks and The Three Bears when I say that it was neither too thick or too thin - it really is the 'perfect' consistency to apply to the nail without it dripping and without it ending up all gloopy. What I did find from these polishes is that one coat - yes ONE COAT is enough to get an even opaque finish due to the awesome pigmentation in each of these. 

Here are the polishes...

And the swatches...

The colours also are very true to what you see on their website, there's no tricks or surprises and you can really choose the perfect shade to go with your outfit. You can also rest assured that there are no nasties in these polishes as they are 4 free as mentioned before. This means you will not find toluene (attacks the central nervous system), DBP (Pregnancy risk & carcinogenic), formaldehyde (carcinogenic & asthma trigger) and camphor (is used in pesticide, toxic with possible carcinogenic properties) in any of their polishes - these ingredients are found to cause reactions by simply breathing in the fumes or applying to the skin and nails, do you really want to risk your health? 

Nailberry polishes cost £13.50 and you can find these beauties over on the Nailberry website, what colour will you choose? 


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