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4 Out of The Box Date Ideas

Date night, the one night of the week, month or year that couples get overly soppy and spend their time declaring their love for each other. Or at least that's how it should be, right?  

Spending intimate time together as adults, enjoying conversation and each others company is a must when it comes to keeping the romance alive, so many couples stop giving each other valuable time and then lose sight of who each other are, don't make your relationship one of those. The easy way to combat drifting is to allocate time to each other, away from normal life, away from the children and family and friends.  

Can't think of what to do? Does the idea of a dinner and a movie make you want to yawn? 

How many times have you gone out and ordered exactly the same thing off the menu out of habit? How much did you want to see that movie knowing that your significant other will enjoy it far less than you? Well, here are some ways you can change that. 

These date night ideas will take you beyond ‘Netflix and chill’ in hope of keeping the intimacy alive in your relationship. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with Netflix and chill, you can absolutely add that in if that's what you both need *wink* 

Test Drive

Go on a test drive of a car you have absolutely no intention of buying. Or, go and look at houses in an area you’d never think of buying. 

Create characters for yourself and your partner and challenge each other to pretend to salespeople that you have the money to buy these luxury items (even if you don’t!). 

Fantasising and dreaming of the future together in a hilarious way. Why not set up a few days of tests and invent different characters per viewing? 

New Foods

That new Ethiopian vegan place in town might be a far cry from your usual steakhouse haunt, but why not give it a go? Trying new foods together is an adventure, particularly if both of you haven’t previously tried it. 

Why not go the extra mile and try a wholly different experience? Belly dancers and Greek food may be an unusual combination, as might swing singers at a curry house, but, who knows what you might actually enjoy? Take a look at Trip Advisor and list all of the places you want to eat in together. 

Go on, be adventurous! 

Make Something Together

We’ve all seen that scene in ‘Ghost’ with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze getting up close and personal with a pottery wheel, right? Why not try to recreate that? Although keep it legal folks...

Not your thing? Then maybe try something less steamy or tragic for your date. Even making that flat pack that’s been lying in the corner collecting dust could be something you both work on or make some home decorations that you can both be proud of, or laugh at together. 

Either way, get creative and learn about each other’s skills that way. 

Recreate Your First Date 

Everybody comes out of particular situations kicking themselves and wishing they had said or done something differently. So, do it! 

Say your first date was a Turkish restaurant where you loved the food, but you both would rather be at home in your comfy clothes. Do that. Get creative. Play the same music, create the same atmosphere? But with both of you in your Jammie's. 

Enjoyed the shisha? Well, at home you can even get shisha pens for vaping. Recreate the whole environment from the comfort of your own home! Date nights that keep the relationship alive don’t have to be expensive or repetitive. 

Think outside the box and have all of the fun with your beau.


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