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How to Build More Intimacy Into Your Relationship

Relationships are hard and the longer you are together, the easier it is to fall into the trap of routine and boredom. But, if you are willing to put in a little bit of work, you can continue to build and grow within your relationship. 

The key to a good relationship is to maintain your intimacy as a couple. This doesn’t just mean having sex, it means developing the bonds you have through deeper conversations, trust, and openness.

So, if your relationship feels like it’s lost its spark, here are a few ideas you might like to try.
Shake Things Up

Boredom is the real killer of any relationship so you need to find ways to shake things up. While routine can be relished and enjoyed, sometimes, doing something different and discovering new things is a good way to reinvigorate your relationship, simply because you have something new to talk about. 

Shaking things up in the bedroom is also a good idea. As we grow, we develop new curiosities and our fantasies change too. Expressing these with your partner is a lovely way to strengthen your relationship. Whether you have a niche fetish or you simply want to try some more erotic clothing, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of playful experimentation. You can find crotchless panties here, amongst other things...
Be Open About Your Needs... 

A major part of intimacy is trust and it works both ways. If you do want to shake things up in the bedroom, it intimacy of the situation actually starts with you telling your partner what you want and trusting them to listen and respond positively. Be honest with yourselves and be brave too. If you don’t ask, you won’t get so the more open you can be, the more happiness you can give yourselves. 

We often aren’t very good at asking for what we want, so, if you are feeling anxious, start with something small and build up. Invite your partner to speak honestly about their needs too. Communication is about listening as much as it is about talking.
Spend Quality Time Together

Spending quality time is all about focus. For most couples, this means dispatching the kids to relatives or friends for a night to have some alone time together. The best kind of quality time usually comes with an activity you both enjoy and there are plenty of things you can do together - as well as the obvious! A pillow fight might sound childish but it’s a fun way to be completely yourself. A more intimate idea is to share a bubble bath, which is a lovely way to show how much you care for each other and to be completely relaxed.

Finding different ways to spend quality time together is also really important. As above, doing the same old activities might feel nice in some ways but the element of surprise can also strengthen your relationship. Surprise your partner with an idea for a fun afternoon or saucy evening and remember to treat each other too.


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