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Kraken Rum x Lapp | Kraken Mojito

Kraken Rum is a giant in the rum industry full-stop.

They've taken what is a classic spirit drink and turned it around. Now I get it, that statement sounds very pithy, however, you need to factor in the brand as a whole. Most rum brands offer what can be described as bad, good or excellent rum. That's it for the majority. 

There aren't any other brands selling their rum in the way that Kraken does. They've taken an iconic spirit, added a dark and moody back story and mythical legend to it, kept this character throughout its whole marketing and collaborated with other brands on projects that fit their character. People are literally buying the brand and not just the spirit. 

So, they have great character but what about the rum itself? 

Well, the hairy boy is a tad fussy with his rums. Most give him migraines, some just do not agree with him whatsoever, except Kraken. Kraken spiced rum while housed in its demi-john type of bottle looks black like squid ink. Notes include ginger ale, cinnamon, chocolate, coffee, pepper, clove, ginger beer, galangal pepper, vanilla, and lime. It's definitely a sweet sugary molasses with a spicy hit of ginger and pepper on the finish.  

Each year they release a limited edition Wade Ceramics bottle. Now, this is the best of both worlds for us. Hairy boy loves rum. I love the Wade Ceramics. Win-win. They also collaborated in Liverpool (Constellations) offering locals black I-Screams. (Ice-cream), now they're at it again with an exclusive campaign in France at the Lafayette Galleries.  

The Lapp specialise in sorbets, but not standard sorbets - alcoholic sorbets. Kraken and the Lapp are collaborating on a range of cocktails in ice-format. Starting off with the Kraken rum Mojito. Now I don't know about you, but regardless of the rain, I'd be on-board with a few of those (if I lived in France that is) regardless of the weather. 

Thoughts? Would you try an ice cocktail? 


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