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Savvy Tips for Getting Married

According to research, the average wedding costs somewhere in the region of £25,000 - an astonishing amount of money in anyone’s book. And of course, there will be plenty of people who feel it is worth every penny. After all, you shouldn’t be scrimping and saving on the most important and special day in your life, right?

The trouble is, a lot of those costs are completely unnecessary - and could end up putting you in debt for many years to come, especially if you go to a non-reputable lender. If you are looking to open up a credit line (up to £2000) from a company that offers trusted lending options then Polar Credit is a great option, they offer a fast, no-fuss and easy service.

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can save on the costs of your wedding - read on to find out more!

 Save on the engagement

According to tradition, your engagement ring should cost anything between one and three month’s wages, but let’s be honest - is it really worth it? Yes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but did you know that the whole diamond engagement ring thing is an entirely commercial construct? And given that some engagement rings could cost you a five-figure sum, why not put the vast majority of that cash towards your wedding day? You can always buy a temporary, cheaper ring which can be replaced a later date - your tenth anniversary, for example, when you can better afford it. 

♥ The weekday wedding

Get married on a Saturday, and you will pay a premium for everything, from room hire to pay for the marriage directors. In many cases, you can shave off a couple of thousand just by getting married midweek - and in some cases, up to 50 percent. It really does make that much of a difference. Yes, you will be asking your guests to make a commitment to take some time off work, but ultimately, it’s just a couple of days, and most people will be happy for the break! 

Don’t mention the wedding!

OK, so it’s going to be hard to book a venue and arrange catering without mentioning the W-word. But the simple truth is that everything, from your hair appointment to your cake, will cost you a lot more if the vendor knows you are getting married. If you are prepared to tell some little white lies, you can avoid this ‘wedding tax’ altogether. 

 Go social 

Instead of requesting gifts or money from your guests, why not ask them to help you out? Lots of people love getting involved in the weddings of their friends, and if you know a great cake baker, a DJ or band, or someone who owns a flower shop, why not call in some favours? 

 Take your time

The shorter the time between your engagement, the more your wedding will cost - it’s that simple. Giving yourself a long time to plan means you can take advantage of more sales, plan your finances properly. Ultimately, if a fast, whirlwind marriage hits all of the right romantic notes, your financial future is something you also have to consider.


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