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Another 'Staycation'? Why Not Try A New Travel Experience?

How do you like to holiday? 

Are you someone who likes to stick to the same thing year after year? Maybe you camp on a regular basis? Maybe you just like to hit Ibiza during the summer, and you haven’t changed your plans in at least 5 years? Because if you are this type of traveller, maybe you’re getting a bit tired of your holiday experiences by now.

Thankfully, you don’t have to grin and bear it. You can do all kinds of new and fun things for the holiday moments in your life; you just need a good idea of where to start. And seeing as Christmas is on its way if you’re someone who usually likes to stay home for the festive period, now would be the perfect time to spice things up a little. And, to help you do that, here are some new usually uncommon, ‘new’ travel experiences that would be worth trying out. 

Take a Hike

Walking holidays are definitely a great way to spend your time whilst travelling. You get to experience all of the best and worst the great outdoors has to offer, and you get to really stretch your legs and provide what you’re made of.

There are quite a few famous walking trails out there that take a few months to complete - if you really want to get out and about, backpacking across a country or a continent, this is the type of trail you’ll want to start preparing for. 

For example, the Appalachian Trail in North America could take you about three to seven months to fully cover. You have to register your interest, and plan stop off points to resupply yourself, and only a few people actually manage to make the whole thing. 

Why not test yourself?

Book a Cruise

Cruises are one of the most luxurious ways to travel, seeing as you’re taken all over the world from the comfort of a giant boat’s deck. They’re a great way to get together with your romantic partner, or even just your best friend, and sail the blue ocean with all the food and entertainment included. And seeing as you get to stop off in various different ports and try out local life in quite a few different countries, this type of holiday is really worth the money you put into it. 

If a cruise in the near future would interest you, make sure you invest in a deal package. Places like Bolsover Cruise Club might be a good place to start, to acclimate you to the cruising world. Because there are a bunch of different cruises out there, and some of them are pretty niche, so make sure you know what you’re paying for. 

Don’t let yourself stay at home for another holiday period, no matter what time of year it is. Get out there and see the big wide world, and make sure you experience something rich, fun and new whilst you’re at it.


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