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Creating A Warmer Home

Your home should be your haven, somewhere that you can retreat to after a difficult day. But these days, we are bound by numerous constraints. Perhaps you rent your home, or you cannot afford to turn it into the place that you really want it to be. With this in mind, we need to make our home more homely, but what are the best ways to do this? Is it about making massive changes, or can we go down a simpler route?

Filling Your Home With Memories

When it comes to decorating a space, you don't necessarily need to go overboard. Creating a homely sensation isn't always about the things that you put in it, but rather, the memories that it evokes. And there are simple ways in which to do this; you could get wall decor frames that hold precious pictures and memories, or have a couple of touchstones that remind you of the past. Perhaps a family heirloom can take pride of place in the living room, or a nod to times gone by in the bedroom. Creating a homelier space means that it has to evoke that warmth.

Go For The Softness

Creating a cosy room means turning it into a softer space. By having a variety of soft furnishings, you can instantly transform the space into something a lot more comfortable. Not just something like knitted throws or rugs, but you can go for a softer atmosphere by using soft, relaxing lighting that can help to transform the space into a more softer environment. Especially with the upcoming winter months when the nights are drawing in, you need to stay away from the harsh overhead lights that are in abundance.

Use Plants

Greatly underrated, but plants can automatically bring life into a dull space. You might not find you've got enough room to make it homelier, but by having a couple of houseplants to help you enjoy the colder months, adds a bit of light and variety. In addition to this, it helps to clear the air of toxins, oxygenating the room, and adding more humidity to the area.


If you want to make a home feel more welcoming, decluttering is one of the best methods. If you feel that, as soon as you come home, you feel stressed, and everything is haphazard, decluttering should be one of the primary practices. It helps to get rid of unwanted items but also helps you to embrace a bit more of that minimalist ideal. Because space can feel overwhelmed due to the abundance of items, getting into the habit of decluttering every six months or so helps you to prioritise the space. As well as this, think about investing in storage solutions, like baskets or furniture that can double up.

It's about how you feel in the space because if you don't feel relaxed you aren't going to enjoy your home. Ensuring that you know how to create a homelier home isn't about finding one method and sticking to it because everybody changes. Creating a homelier home is about evoking that warmth from within.

What tips do you advise that I've missed out on? 



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