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How to have Halloween at Home

Halloween is something that can creep up on us all - see what I did there? Huh? Huh? So much so that we can often be running around trying to throw a last-minute Halloween outfit together - well, at least I am. Especially, if trick or treating or a party is involved. Gone are the days where you can just wear a bin bag as a cape and pretend you are a witch.. and, to be honest, do some of us even want to any more? 

I am going to be controversial here... I am a lazy gal and this year I don’t want to do anything that involves leaving my house for Halloween but I do want a darn spooky good time. So here is my guide on how to have fun without venturing into the great outdoors.

Set the scene 

Set the scene by getting some fabulous scary films ready. Netflix, Amazon and other paid streaming sites will certainly have a load ready to go and make sure to check out what the options on TV are. If you have children, make sure to have some child-friendly ones ready and then save the super creepy ones for when they are finally in bed.

Once you have planned what you are going to watch you can then move onto setting the scene. 

Fun Halloween at-home activities 

Why not make a Halloween music playlist? This is hours of fun. Of course, there are already some available on music streaming sites if you want something extra simple. 

If you are listening to music then why not Decorate the place at the same time? This is great if you have children - or without. Keep the youngsters in your life busy by getting them to make paper wall hangings and if you want to join in the fun yourself, why not carve a pumpkin - now keep the innards, as you will need them for later! Waste not want not as they say. It will also help to have some lovely candles or LED tea lights on and the lights down low to set the scene. 

Before the films, you can get into the mood by telling scary stories - again save the super scary ones for when the children are in bed. 

Curious about Halloween of years past? Why not find out what was the top Halloween costume the year you or the children were born by using the giffgaff retro Halloween Costume generator. I did and mine came up as Ghostbusters, whoo hoo! I may be showing my age there...whoops!

If you are crafting decorations, why not craft up some shadow puppets as well, and, make some really fantastic shadows on your walls in the candlelight. 

And finally, Make some creepy snacks.

As you will be at home, why not make some delicious snacks to give to enjoy at home and with the trick and treaters? 

Youtube has some great ideas of treats you can make: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgTUYyrvf5I

Pinterest, of course, is the food inspiration gift that keeps on giving, especially, if you want to use it as a time to get some sneaky healthy snacks into people tummies. 

And of course, that leftover pumpkin? Why not turn that into a tasty pumpkin soup or argh-mazing pie

What are you doing for Halloween? Let us know below or on our social channels, especially if you are having a Halloween at home, we’d love to see anything you've made or listened to on your playlists. 

And remember, stay spooky! 


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