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Still Struggling To Conceive | Simple Fertility Boosting Tips

Struggling to conceive is much more common than you might think. Around 12 to 15 per cent of all couples can’t get pregnant in the first two years of trying, while a much higher number than that who can’t in the first few months. 

It’s important to be patient, but sometimes you need to give your body a little extra incentive. If you want to get pregnant but are struggling to conceive, what are your options? Let’s take a look. 

Monitor Your Ovulation

The options for monitoring your ovulation have expanded dramatically in recent years. The number of kits, test strips and monitoring devices available on the market has increased and, what’s more, they’re affordable also.

Some of these ovulation options measure your body temperature and days since your last cycle to predict when you’ll be at your most fertile. Others use pee sticks and detect the level of luteinising hormones in your urine directly to give you a more accurate prediction of when you’re at your peak conception point. 

If you know your peak fertility point, you and your partner can target those days by 'baby dancing' and just enjoying yourselves. 

Use Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins contain a range of essential nutrients that women need to increase the chances of healthy ovulation. Vitamin B complex, in particular, is vital for ensuring that you get the nutrients that you need to encourage the body to get into fertility mode. 

Babies are also in particular need of folic acid (or folate from beans and greens). Just 400 micrograms of the stuff are enough to stave off congenital disabilities and other problems you might encounter. 

Use Modern Therapies

Modern fertility therapies are much more advanced than most couples imagine. While IVF abroad is the most famous due to costing less, there are other techniques, such as egg donation that you can opt for in your country and abroad. 

These techniques are ideal for couples who have been trying to conceive for a long time but haven’t had any luck. Or, those with low or poor egg reserves. Some opt to consider this in order to reduce future IVF costs as sharing eggs allows you to reduce the pricing of your overall treatment with some facilities. 

Go For Walks With Your Partner

Regular walks can improve both your fertility and the fertility of your partner. 

Regular exercise helps to regulate the ovulation cycle as well as enhance the quality of semen. Walking also gets the blood flowing as your heart gets pumping as you pick up speed, blood flow to the *ahem* nether regions is incredibly important for both sexes and to aid a healthy pregnancy so get those walking shoes on... 

Eat Healthy Foods And Avoid The Nasty Stuff

Eating well is important throughout your life, but it’s particularly critical if you’re trying to get pregnant. Eating a variety of healthy foods can help prepare a woman’s body by providing her with sufficient minerals, protein and energy. 

In general, women should avoid fish during pregnancy. Modern fish has been known to hold a load of heavy metals, like lead within the meat, which could damage the development of the baby.  

If you have eaten a lot of fish in the past, stop now. Over time, your body will naturally remove these metals from your system, helping you to both look and feel better. Tuna is the main culprit, especially tinned variations so limit this if you cannot quit your tuna need. 

Stop Exercising So Hard

Getting too much exercise can harm women’s fertility. The body assumes that times are tough and so tries to avoid the added burden of pregnancy. Many women who do daily, strenuous exercise can experience interruption to their periods. Being active is good. But if you want to maximise your fertility, then don’t exhaust yourself regularly in spin class.

These tips, of course, are the very first and very basic steps you can take to improve fertility, I hope to cover more tips soon. 


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