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Yankee Candle | Blissful Autumn

We are currently hampering down for Christmas along with trying to become more thrifty and save money - we've written about this on our new money-saving blog - Elyse and Connor if you wanted to follow us on that journey. 

But, and hear me out - sometimes - you just need a small treat. Something that instils positivity in you or changes your mind frame. For some it's food treats, some it's a lovely facial or clothes. For me, it's always been candles, especially Yankee Candles. When I feel 'meh' brightening up my surroundings either with visuals such as a warm blanket or some newly framed pictures or a gorgeous scented candle is enough to really give me a new sense of life, sort of I suppose like a fresh start. It's a strange one for sure, but scent especially has always had that power over me - to invigorate me with confidence or to make me feel worse. 

I had heard great things about Blissful Autumn, it is after all a retro scent in their long line of Autumnal candles I'd have loved to have splashed out on the large jar but the small was the one I opted for. Searching high and low for the best price I ended up searching Yankee Candle discounts and offers which were actually listed on Wikibuy

Wikibuy is a website and also an extension that basically finds you the best deals or coupon codes for stores or specific product items. It's similar to the Honey app but I found personally that it hosts far better coupon codes, deals, and, variety in terms of what products and brands are listed. Having tried other 'similar' Chrome extensions previously I ended up removing them as they didn't fit into what I actually purchased so we weren't benefiting in any shape or form. Another plus is you don't need to set up an account to benefit, just head to the website.

The scent description for Blissful Autumn is described as: 

Reminiscent of crisp autumn air with orchard fruit breezes blissfully brisk and woody. The traditional design of Yankee's signature classic jar candle reflects a warm, relaxed sense of style that's always at home. 

At first sniff you are met with a warming sweet fruity scent, that dries down into a somewhat sultry, warming scent that's reminiscent of that period right before everyone breaks off for Christmas. The warm fruits and woods, happiness and relaxation. It absolutely sets the mood if you're someone who uses candles on date nights or to relax. 

I fully recommend this scent if you do happen to get your hands on it, the mushrooming (pictured above) seems to be commonplace these days with so many brands, I'm not sure if the wax recipes or actual wicks have been changed but I recommend removing the mushrooming once cooled so it doesn't drop into the wax and ruin the visual. 

What is your favourite holiday home scent? 


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