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York Visit | Eating York

We recently visited York and Nottingham, mostly because we were heading down to the BMI in Nottingham but we couldn't forgo a small visit to York! After all it had been on our dream list for ages. 

We both enjoy visiting heritage sites, going for walks around old towns and doing the whole 'tourist' thing. You cannot beat the architecture of places like Edinburgh or York. The buildings really are magnificent. Finding out about the history along the way only makes you feel more attached to these small cities and towns. 

Although we went to de-stress before the wench's surgery, we also went for the food. See we simply cannot get enough of food and the differences between each food style and establishment. We love to find new and exciting places to dine, snack and munch our way through and in the weirder, it is - the better it is!  

Below you will find a small (and I mean small because we ate a lot!) selection of the things we ate along the way... 

Carluccio's | Earl Grey Tea & Pane E Marmellatta. This came with butter and fig jam. The bread was a gorgeous apricot and hazelnut bread and a ciabatta bread both were toasted. 

House of Trembling Madness Tonkoko Milk Stout was what the wench picked. She grew up on stout so was sucked in with the cute packaging (her words) and the promise of a milky flavour. The flavour notes of this drink were 

Nada Budaya | Beef rendang & Malay tomato rice, this is traditional rendang that's cooked with lemongrass, galangal, chilli, kaffir lime leaves and various spices.

Jamies Italian | Crispy Squid fried with chilli, garlic, parsley and set with house aioli and a wedge of lemon. We shared this starter and it was bloody incredible! Light and crispy with a fresh hit of lemon and a little spice from the chillies. Seriously order this if you ever visit Jamies Italian. 

House of Trembling Madness | Pirate's Grog miniature. You'll taste warming cinnamon with a hint of spice and wooded oak. As it goes down the throat the flavour compounds transform into leather and apricot notes and finish, closing of white chocolate, vanilla and mocha. This is a smooth but simplified rum that's unobtrusive and tastes great with ginger beer.  

Jamies Italian | Five a Day. This is a new dish on the menu and consists of quinoa, peas, fennel, red chicory, herbs, grapes, radish and lemon all dressed with extra virgin olive oil. The wench decided to add hot smoked salmon also to the dish making this a really nourishing and filling dish. 

Costa Coffee | Banoffee Frostini. We nipped into Costa as we had a small wait to check-in at our hotel, the wench decided to pick the banoffee frostini which was espresso mixed with half banana, ice, milk and topped with caramel pieces and fresh cream. Although it tasted amazing it killed our stomachs for the rest of the day. Damn sugary drink treats. 

Nada Budaya | Beef gulai with Malay noodles. This was incredible and can be described as a thick Malay spicy curry that comes with potatoes and is cooked with turmeric coconut milk, chilli, garlic, lemongrass, galangal, caraway and ginger. It's so fragrant that Elyse and I were both craving this and the rendang for days afterwards. 

Jamies Italian | Steak & Chips. These came with a marinated skirt steak, fries, slaw and garlic butter. We also opted for the additional shavings of truffle on top. 

Overall we ate a lot and had lots of fun. What more could you ask for from a little holiday? Which of the above edibles would you have chosen? 

Elyse & Connor

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