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Christmas Self-Care Wishlist

It's nearly Christmas and that means rest, spending time with loved ones and just slowing things down. Christmas is both an enjoyment and a ball buster for us, my anxiety tends to increase around this time as the financial implications of 'Christmas' are just so tough. It leads me to feel so dejected and sad. 

This year I've made it my aim to put self-care at the forefront, in all honesty, I've sucked pretty badly at it, so it's one of my goals for 2020. So, being the forever organised person that I am, I created a wishlist showing items 'I' would love to receive either from others or from myself, it's never too late in the year to reassess your needs and to be that little bit selfish. I've spent a fair bit of time perusing other peoples wishlists, Life in a Breakdown posts some pretty inspirational Etsy Wishlists also if you fancied a peek. 

Do you ever find that you will quite easily buy for others but not yourself? If you do, then maybe, just maybe you need more self-care. I find it especially difficult to put myself first, feelings of guilt creep in but they really shouldn't because you can't care for others if you don't take care of yourself. So if you also suffer from guilt when you put yourself first, I thoroughly recommend you make yourself a few priorities, make some wishlists, spoil yourself. It all counts towards normalising self-importance. 

Most of my picks were chosen purely because they instilled happiness. These are items that are very much me but range from crafts to decor, to pretty dresses. Each and every item would make my home feel like a haven, my mind calm - crafting tends to do that for me, especially sewing or embroidery and would give me confidence by revigorating my style. 

Sometimes it's just one simple thing that can make a difference. 

You can check out my Happy Xmas to Me wishlist. Hopefully, it gives you all some great ideas for this Christmas and beyond. 

What do you have on your self-care wishlist this year, if you need some suggestions why not check out these Etsy Gift Guides

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