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4 Things To Remember When Your Partner Pops The Question

Well, there goes another Valentines Day. And every year on this special day for lovers of all kinds, it’s estimated that around 9 million people pop the question to their significant other. If you were proposed to this Valentine’s Day first of all… congratulations! You and your significant other are about to embark on a wonderful new part of your journey through life together. Secondly, we’re very aware that you’ll be getting a lot of advice in the coming weeks, months and years. And far be it for us to add to what must already be a fast-accumulating jumble of advice, facts, stats and well meaning meddling. 

Still, there are some things of which the newly engaged should be mindful if they’re to get the maximum enjoyment (and a minimum of stress) out of their lead up to the big day. Here are some things to remember when you or your partner pops the question…

There’s no need to rush to set a date

It’s all too tempting to start looking around wedding venues and lock down a date within a week of wearing your ring for the first time. Nonetheless, there’s no need to rush to set a date. In their panic to get a venue in place before they all fill up, we can be reckless and impulsive. And if you change your mind about a venue in the months to come, you can expect to lose a significant amount (if not all) of your deposit. It’s better to take some breathing time before looking at venues and setting a date in earnest.

Use this time to remind one another why your relationship is so special

One thing you don’t want is for your engagement to feel like you’re marking down time before your big day. Your engagement is an evolution in your relationship and should be celebrated, savoured and enjoyed. Take this time to be the best possible versions of yourselves and reflect upon all that makes your relationship so special. That will make it much easier to enjoy your engagement rather than seeing it as something to get out of the way.

Draw inspiration from wherever you can find it

Your wedding day will be perhaps the most personal and intimate day of your life. And every single aspect of your big day should have personal significance to you. Nothing should be purchased hastily or compromised upon, especially something as important as your wedding dress. Take your time hunting down sources of wedding dress inspiration for brides-to-be. The sooner you start researching and planning the fewer decisions you’ll need to make arbitrarily.

Enjoy planning together... even when it gets stressful

Finally, it’s no secret that wedding planning can be stressful. It’s absolutely essential that even when things get manic (or it becomes harder to avoid worrying about money) that what you have is beautiful and you should relish every moment of anticipation together. Sure, wedding planning has its ups and its downs… but you’ll only ever be able to do it together once!


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