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Clear Signs That You’re Totally NOT Ready to Start a Family

Starting a family is absolutely not a joke. It’s something that takes a serious amount of planning, preparation and consideration before you even mention it to your partner. Once there are children in your life, your entire relationship will change and you’ve suddenly got a mountain of responsibilities to take care of.

So before you run off to start a family, we suggest taking it slow and having a serious talk with your partner about starting a family. While a lot of people would agree that there’s not a “perfect” time to have kids that you should wait for, there are some clear situations where you should not start a family. In this post, we’re going to be covering the clear signs that you shouldn’t be starting a family yet.

You still find children really annoying

It’s actually really common to find children to be annoying. Many parents find that once they have children, they tend to change their tone around kids. However, others simply can’t stand children in any shape or form. If this is you, then it’s probably a good idea to not have children yet. They’re just going to annoy you and the amount of time it takes to look after your children is going to be a huge issue.

Your relationship with your partner isn’t solid

Before you start a family, you should seriously consider strengthening your relationship with your partner. After all, any uncertainties with you and your partner are going to manifest later on in the relationship. Gambling on starting a family to mend your relationship is usually a really bad idea and we highly suggest against it. If you and your partner don’t have a tight and loving relationship, then it’s a clear sign you shouldn’t start a family just yet.

Your actions show you’re not 100% ready

Small actions that you take are going to show a lot more about your thoughts on starting a family than your words. You might say that you’re ready to start a family, but if you’re still hoarding contraceptions at home and telling your closest friends that you’re unsure about your relationship with your partner, then you should probably take a moment to rethink your plans for starting a family.

You don’t want to settle down just yet

Whether it’s your partner that you’re unsure about or the location that you’re currently staying in, there are lots of signs that you might not yet be ready to settle down. Once you have children, you’re going to have a lot less time to travel the world and your choices for moving around are going to be restricted because you always have to think about your child. This restrictive lifestyle doesn’t allow you to travel around and experience new things, so if it’s going to be a problem, you might not be ready for a family just yet.

You think you’re still too young

There are plenty of young adults that are far more qualified to be parents than people twice their age, but that doesn’t mean that being a young parent is for everyone. If you think for even a moment that you’re perhaps too young to start a family, then it’s perfectly understandable to wait a bit longer until you’ve matured more.


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