Doritos Flaming Hot with Tangy Cheese | Worth The Buy?

I'll set the record straight from the get-go. 'Spicy' 'Chilli' 'Hot' foods are typically easy for me to manage. Elyse and I eat the Samyang noodles like a normal Pot Noodle, and we both munch chilies for fun! 

Lately, I've been miffed at the lack of new products in the UK. Sure, the US has spicy flavoured everything but to purchase those as imports in the UK is crazy-expensive. Elyse and I saw a packet of Cheetos going for nearly £15 in a shop in Edinburgh. To have to import directly you're left with large postal and customs charges, it's so frustrating. 


On Saturday we were in ASDA picking up a few bits and bobs, as you do. Elyse noticed 'new' Doritos and pointed them out. Picking them up to see what flavour (they were on the bottom shelf if that helps anyone) they were, I was over the moon to see they were ''Flaming Hot''. I believe that any brand that uses the term 'flaming hot' in their product name, needs to be tested before they are allowed on the shelves! Needless to say, I bought them and set myself up for the worst.

Doritos have always been a favourite of mine, way back to when I was a small wee boy. They would often find their way into my lunch box and was the go-to snack for when I was playing whatever the popular video game was at the time. Cool original, tangy cheese, chili heatwave, I love them all. My game console controllers, don't, however! but I figured they were worth the try anyhow. 

So, are they any good? 

These Doritos are easily the best tasting crisps-like snacks I've had, and beat my second all-time favourite - Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeno (not available in the UK, unless you are willing to pay 6-12 pounds plus for a standard bag) by a huge margin. 

The flavour is amazing with the tangy cheese hitting you first with the spice sneaking up afterward. The heat builds on you and is definitely no pushover. Elyse and I have completed many of the so-called "Fire noodle" challenges, and now eat them on the regular, so hot food isn't something new to us, we found that these were a good way to get your spicy food fix!

I've only seen them in the 180g bags (£1 in Asda), but I think they are also available in the 70g variants but the larger size is absolutely value for money. We've since gone back and purchased three more bags *not even guilty* 


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