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Everything is closing, where's my beer?

The past few days, heck the past few weeks actually have been pretty crazy. Restaurants are closing down and the shops, don't get me started on those. The bottom line is, the mainstream media is creating panic, then calling out everyone who is panicking - fuck them!

With that brief rant out of the way, I'll get to the point of this post - how do we get a drink now that the pubs are closing and alcohol is being bought out like it's the end-of-days? Well, one Scottish brewery is on it. Drygate Brewing Co, based in Glasgow is offering a delivery service which, get this, delivers alcohol and pub-grub right to your door. This new service is called Deliverbroo, which I think is a nice and safe twist on the Deliveroo one that is already well established here, in the UK. 

Not only are they doing a great service to the drunks of our country, but they also aim to provide support to NHS workers and foodbanks, too. If you get your order in before 12 noon, and you are a Glasgow resident, then you can expect your beer to be with you that same day. Edinburgh citizens will receive their orders the following day. 

There's also been word of them reinstating their "can for can" initiative, where you can receive up to six cans of beer for the correspondent number of tinned food, you'll be helping those in need and getting beer in return, so it's a win-win! 

Who knows how long this shutdown is going to last, and just how many people are going to be affected by it, but I hope, that we can pull together as a nation and help those in need, where we possible. 

As an end note, and one thing that has been going through my head in this crazy time, toilet paper isn't going to save your life. You cannot eat it, so stop buying it - this nonsense about toilet paper being the best tool for cleaning up any mess is absolute horse-shit (Punny), water and soap is, and always will be, the best thing for getting rid of bugs and staying clean. 

Now, go wash your goddamn hands! 


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