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Inner Sanctuary | Sun Salutation Every Morning

''Inhale the future, exhale the past."

Yoga is the age-old practice of joining the emotional to the physical body. Sounds like hippy-dippy stuff but let me tell you, this hippy stuff works! I've been doing yoga on-and-off for many years, during the off years it was simply because life got in the way or I lost sense of myself which sucks, I can absolutely look back and see how erratic my life was or my anxiety levels were at those times and I do wonder if I had recognised it and started back with my yoga practice, would those issues and incidents not have happened? who knows? 

In the New Year, I promised myself that this year would be amazing. Not because of any one thing but because I would increase my emotional and physical wellness and just enjoy the smallest of things in life and it's absolutely worked. Even during Covid-19 and isolation, I've never felt calmer and at more at peace mentally than I do right now and hairy boy is the same. Yet last year, the smallest of blip had my going round in circles. It's funny how things change. 

One of the mindfulness tools that we opted for in the New Year was this utterly gorgeous and HUGE posted for our bedroom. We both sleep in here, watch Netflix and movies in here and study in here. This is our sanctuary. Adding this poster to our sanctuary stopped us from making excuses, we couldn't say that we had forgotten to 'practice yoga' because the sun salutation is literally the first thing we see each morning. 

Outside of Covid-19 we also go to a weekly class which has been great, the sleep we get at night is like no other. Although the hairy boy has a tendency to go to McDonald's after practice - he's so naughty. Now with the isolation, he can still do his weight lifting and still do yoga but there's no McDonald's now, sorry hairy boy. I'm starting to think social distancing might just improve our health overall. 

The Sun Salutation itself comprises of twelve asana poses that flow together to build heat and connect the body and spirit. It can be used as a practice itself or used as a warm-up in a yoga session, either way, provides your body with so many benefits such as: 

Unwinds and reduces stress.
 Improves imbalances within the body.
 Improves on kidney function and also digestion. 
 Improves blood flow within the body - this improves the skin, hair and circulatory system.  

We got our poster Yoga Poster from Photowall and arrived literally within 48 hours. While I describe it as a ''poster'' it's actually so much more. The print itself is high quality and made from a fabric, the fabric is held together by two wooden plinths made of smoked ash and screw close keeping the poster itself safe-and-secure. Then you just hang where ever it will increase your happiness.

I opted for 125 x 70 cm size which as you can see is MEGA! But I've no regrets. Although, little 5ft 2 inch me struggled to hang this up and the hairy boy had to do it. So, for now we are more than pleased with our room/study/work desk/sanctuary. There really is nothing better than having nice bedding, Nag Champa incense on and gorgeous imagery to look at, oh and a clean and tidy room (yes, I'm looking at you hairy boy). 

What makes your home ''happy''? 


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