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Isolation Date Night | How to Survive

Our lives at present, much like many of those within the UK, is indoor-based. With us staying at home this means we are literally doing everything at home - studying, working, eating, sleeping and chilling. We’re both quite introverted and love a good day in but the difference is on those occasions we are actively choosing to have a lazy day. Now, so many of us are having to stay home, not because we are ill but because where possible we are considerate to those around us during this pandemic but how do you stop yourself from driving each other round the bend? 

Hairy boy and I actually enjoy spending time together *luckily* so I'm not too worried that we will drive each other crazy or worst still kill each other – but the pandemic has people doing crazy things and you just never know how far this isolation malarkey will drive folks crazy. 

To resolve this we have planned a few ways to split up our work-life versus home-life. Changing up the norm’ helps to break the monotony and, you know πŸ˜‰ I like me some one-on-one hairy boy time. So date night it was! We live for movies, box -sets and food. We no longer drink alcohol (wellness journey) but food can always count us in. Food is life. 

Giff Gaff kindly sent us a care pack which enabled us to get our isolated-date ball rolling. Giff Gaff, you’re possibly saving a life here (looking at you hairy boy). What I didn't realise was that they're sponsors of The Voice TV show. I have to say I love The Voice more than *ahem* it's competitors, I love the personalities between the judges, it seems less pretentious and I really love some Will.I.AM, he's so awesome, I wish I was that cool, but apparently, I'm not, especially if you ask my sons who all think I am a ''boomer'' love you too kids.  My sons also love the voice too but currently, they're at their dad's so we will need to have a Voice catch-up date when they return. 

Included in our pack were the perfect additions to our lock-down which included a cool candle housed in a metal tin, it looks so modern, a smartphone projector and headphones, M&S voucher, a little notebook,  a Giff Gaff sim card and credit and a gorgeous black-and-white canvas bag to carry it all upstairs - way to go for being eco-friendly, I applaud you guys! 


The smartphone projector and headphones allowed us to really feel like this was a date away from the norm, with a super tidy room, new bedding, lovely lights and the ability to project from our room we truly were in heaven. Yup, we could absolutely opt for watching only movies also especially as we have a huge list of them on our pending watch lists and that's what typically people watch on dates, don't they? but, we're going for a mix of movies, box-sets (box set addicts) and TV shows because conventional is boring. 

Our movie list looks a little like this:  

Star Wars New Hope
 Shooter with Mark Wahlberg
 Beetlejuice - love a good classic and this tops the list. 
 6 Underground 
 Jumanji - I've seen the original but crazily hairy boy hasn't so binge-watching them all is an idea. 
 P.S I Love You
 Spirited Away - We've watched before but it's so good! 

Netflix box-sets include: 

 Pandemic - cause you know, relatable, and I love these docu-series.   Teen Wolf 
 Vampire Diaries
 The Originals (Vampire Diaries spin-off)
 October Faction

TV shows: 

 The Voice (naturally) 
 Friends -Pivot! Pivot! Kills me every time. 

Chubby Bunnies

We hit M&S before the lockdown and before things escalated to the extent they're at now and while most would pick-up crisps, chocolate and sweeties we tend to be a bit weirder with our munchies. We opted to pick up sushi, granola, live yoghurt, muffins (chocolate egg and blueberry) and some special fried rice and lemon chicken ready meals from their new Asian cuisine. That lemon chicken had me feeling all of the feels guys, I didn't even share it with the hairy boy. 

Setting the mood 

I recently posted my lovely little candle over on Instagram. This was created for the brand by sustainable 'plant-powered' candle makers McKinley & Paget. The wax is so lovely and soft and burns really smoothly. The scent is a delicate fresh lemon which is super relaxing, so much so the hairy boy keeps burning it when we're downstairs also and I had to tell him to chill before he used it all. He's really getting into the home scents and candles to set the mood. I attempted to do my hair but it's so hard during lockdown as I barely have the things I need to feel glam at the best of time. The Owlet discusses tips for looking after your hair during these tough times on her blog which I found really helpful. 

Little notebook

Just in case you want to take some notes, or write some sweet nothings to your love you can do so with this or if you're like us you'll end up drawing funny dick pics, gnomes, dinosaurs and weird moth/ant/scorpion beasties (yup, this was the hairy boy). We are serious children, aren’t we but it's all fun and creating those happy memories are worth everything. 

All-in-all we both feel blessed to have had the opportunity and we definitely forgot about the worries of the world for a couple of nights. We ended up eating so much, I've literally put on weight even though I'm mid-weightloss challenge with my buddy but, it's been so worth it! We also started watching Netflix's Pandemic docu-series which is absolutely worth the watch guys, it opens your eyes for sure about the current situation based from historical pandemics, sounds boring but it's not I promise you. And, we started watching Vampires which is erm, about Vampires. It's a really great TV show and I'm very picky so definitely check that out on Netflix too if you love anything supernatural. 


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  1. Hey, thank you so much for including me in your post. I'm so glad you liked my haircare tips! I hope you had a lovely date night. We've been trying to mix things up too. We had a cruise ship themed evening as my cruises got cancelled. Think cheesy music, terrible quizzes and questionable cocktails. It was brilliant!xx


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