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10 Things a Morning Phobic Person Will Understand

Mornings can be hard for night owls. Dammit, mornings can just be hard. Living in Scotland the early hours are so dark and the temperature is too cold. You nip a little toe out of the bed and just plain old nope the idea of getting up because the bed is the perfect temperature. 

You quickly come to realise that you're never going to have on-trend hair because let's face it, sleep is far more important than getting up early to shower, dry and style your hair.

♥ You'll spend 9am to 3pm out of a 9-5 job just trying to keep your eyes awake. This rose quartz facial roller should help you to waken up, soothe and relax your facial muscles while working leaving you feeling and looking far more invigorated. 

♥ Although your body is awake your eyes say ''nope''. The Ordinary's Caffeine Solution has got your back, it's aim is to waken up tired, puffy and dark eye circles. 

♥ Coffee is your BFF. Well, second to your bed of course.

♥ You have a ''snooze'' hit list on your phone with no less than three set alarm times for one morning. I reckon this chocolate caramel selection will sort you out, calories before 12 midday does not count (they do but let's pretend for a moment) if you get up within one snooze hit, you can have a caramel - and - the caramel will give you that sugar hit to wake you right up. 

♥ You were never a fan of breakfast anyway, - brunch is where it's at.

♥ It's normal to want to punch people in the throat for demanding full conversations before 10 am.

♥ Your colleagues think you hate your job because you come into work grumpy-looking and leave looking refreshed and chatty. Truth is you don't fully wake up until around 3pm when morning folk are having their afternoon slumps.

♥ You're counting down the hours until bedtime - just as you're starting work.

♥ You look forward to the weekends, not because of parties but because you can sleep in. Anyone that messes with your weekends will meet the sharp end of your tongue. 

Are you a night owl or morning bird? 


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