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9 Facebook Pages You'll Love

I used to write about my favourite internet peoples years ago and they seemed to go down well with everyone. My reason for doing this was to help you guys find some great new pages that inspired change, positivity or just sheer enjoyment. I know that I just love to relax by page hopping, finding pages that made me want to be a better person and could push that change or guide me in some form.

Then Youtube happened and Tik-Tok and Instagram and people stopped caring about blogs and Facebook, you know, the slower social pages. So, I'm bringing it back! Bring back the slow living mentality where uploads don't need to be done multiple times per day, bring back the filter-free images and real-life words that go alongside those images.  

Here are nine of my favourite pages. Some are bloggers, some businesses and some just creative geniuses. Either way, I hope these inspire you in some form. 

Anthropologie | I love Anthropologie, it reaches my hippy-soul like no other shop and I constantly feel inspired, like each handpicked item is so well curated that you can just imagine getting rid of everything you own and adding a few Anthropologie items here and there and really rocking the whole minimalistic, Marie Kondo - does it inspire happiness type of life, am I right?

Nectar and Stone  | Simply put, these are sweet works of art. Based in Australia I believe but again they inspire me to be creative. To enjoy colour and patterns and simple touches. I've no idea how they make half of the things they do, and so well, but here you go...enjoy! 

Liz Earle | Naturally active skincare that makes you glow. Liz Earle were innovators of nature-based skincare regimes way before it became a 'thing'. If it's not broken why go elsewhere, I reckon your skin may thank you for it. 

Gretel Creations | Cute crochet collectables. I really love this creator and what she does. I did own the pink fairy above however, I lost her during my separation. See, even adults can enjoy a crochet doll. 

The Freckled Fox | Such a sweet blogging mama, I love reading her updates on life and the sheer amount of gratitude she has even for the smallest of things. Her pictures are incredible also. One to check out if you love a good social blogger. 

Sweetapolita | Cookies, cakes, pastel tones, shiny tones and SPRINKLES. This is sprinkle-porn. Literally sprinkle-porn. 

Crazy For Crust | Food. Enough said...? No, OK Crazy for Crust create what looks to be the simplest but most mouth-watering sweet treats that I've come across. These are really hearty but family orientated recipes that you will have to fight the urge to continually try. 

The Sunday Girl | Scottish beauty blogger Adrienne blogs about current brands but with a no-bullshit mentality. One to trust if you're looking for great images with reliable opinions.  

The Whole Daily | Nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and from a holistic perspective. If you're looking for a less stressful way to up your game, then this is the page for you to check out. 

Are there are others that you'd recommend? If so, drop them below in the comments or Tweet me on Twitter 


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