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Life in a Lockdown [Linky] | Isolation Update

Bex of I Always Believed in Futures and Sarah of Life in a Breakdown came up with a few questions that cover how we feel during isolation. Sometimes it's hard to gather your thoughts during a time of crisis and I suppose, this link-up gives some clarity. I fully recommend you answer these yourself because they really do give you the chance to lift some weight off your shoulders. 

I think posts like this either via a blog or via social media will lead us to look back in a year and think 'hell yes, we did it!' humans, we panic - but we survive. Sometimes the hardest of times brings us into the lives of the best people and I hope that this period of difficulty is one of those look back moments.


1. How are you feeling/coping?
2. What are you doing to keep yourself occupied?
3. How are you dealing with everything at the moment - are you self-isolated, going out for essentials etc? Has this changed? 
4. What advice do you have for others? 
5. What have you bought this week that others might like? Especially if from a small business.
6. How has your routine been this week? Question submitted by Don't Cramp My Style
7. Have you planned anything for once lockdown is over? Question submitted by Don't Cramp My Style
8. Anything else? 

How are you feeling/coping?

In the beginning, I was worried, not so much about myself but my sons and those who were elderly. I am in the 'high risk' category due to having PBC and just having had multiple antibiotic treatment and kidney stones but, I know I'm high-risk. I'm high risk all of the damned time so I was worried about getting it, even mildly and not realising I felt ill due to having it and then passed it on. See when you're always ill or in pain or struggle, it's hard to know if it's just a bad week or, if you are ill, therefore it's easy to pass on any virus or bug without realising. 

Now, I'm feeling great. We're isolated. We're doing what we can to improve our health and reduce our risk and not coming into contact with others has rested my mind somewhat. 

 What are you doing to keep yourself occupied?

I'm still working from home. The hairy boy is furloughed. At the moment we're both in the house and still working. Hairy boy on his study and blogging, and I work as normal until finishing time then study and blog. 

We've both also taken to finding new ways to save money and the lockdown has enabled us to see clearly. We're both trying to do good - be better people. We've started the 100 squats for 30 days challenge for Refuge, an amazing charity who try to help those in domestic abuse relationships (either gender), especially during a lockdown. 

And, also Muntinlupa Food Drive - an amazing and selfless initiative by individuals in Muntinlupa, Philippines. Their goal is to raise money for food packs as many in PH are on no work-no income. It's not the same as the UK where everyone drives or has support or local shops. 

 How are you dealing with everything at the moment - are you self-isolated, going out for essentials etc? Has this changed?

Simplistic view from where I sit, temporarily

I was sent home to work earlier than some others due to being high-risk. At that time I did get ill and was so worried about passing it on. I automatically self-isolated. My anxiety was high initially and I had to move my living room around to make it work which was disorientating but, working from home decreased a lot of the stressors overall as I wasn't coming into contact with others or contaminates as much. 

The hairy boy goes to get essentials maybe once or twice a week, just milk, bananas and bread mostly. We stocked up pretty well prior to the poop hitting the fan.  Don't worry there was no panic buying, we buy essentials from Iceland prior to the shutdown, their pack sizing is more affordable and most items come in larger packs

We're still self-isolating especially as I'm still working and well, the Government has said so. We do our daily exercise indoors also. 

 What advice do you have for others? 

Try to get in some exercise to improve your mood, dance to some music and connect with others online. Enjoy the little things - sunshine coming in through the windows, great music, a fab Netflix binge (fully recommending Ragnarok on Netflix). 

Appreciate those who you are missing. Write them a letter to give later on. Plan to do something to show them you care once this is on. Use this time to calm yourself, get in touch with yourself so that we can all appreciate things and be better humans after this is over. 

Ultimately, stay safe. 

 What have you bought this week that others might like? Especially if from a small business.

I have purchased another home study course from the Centre of Excellence, I'll cover this in a separate post though. I also purchased a gorgeous Scentsy burner and wax from my friend Lauren, it's my first foray into Scentsy and I'm hooked. My burner is heaven though. Even hairy boy is constantly putting the 'Hendrix' wax on. 

 How has your routine been this week? Question submitted by Don't Cramp My Style

My littlest bambino 

This week it's been pretty much the same with the exception of my baby's birthday, he's now eleven-years-old. Oh, and we've had a bird issue. We have Swallows attempting to bite their way into our attic so the hairy boy has been trying to plug any holes we have in our attic, it's been a bloody nightmare. 

We celebrated the boys birthday early as he was with his dad on his actual birth date. Isolation has made me miss them so much with them being at their dad's but, I also realise that me passing anything to them and vice-versa is not what anyone wants. Luckily they aren't too far away from us. 

Other than that, I get up, light my Nag Champa Blessings incense (love this variation). Make myself a cup of coffee and grab two bottles of water. I settle down with my notepad and pick a random Netflix box set. Then I start working. 

Work has been the same level of 'work' but when I start to tire I grab a cuppa, I clean the house and I do squats. When not cleaning or exercising I'm writing notes, making protein pancakes or decluttering. It's truly blissful. It's such a happy work balance.  

 Have you planned anything for once lockdown is over? Question submitted by Don't Cramp My Style

Weirdly we have but not in the same way as many others. While most are dreaming about going shopping, on holiday or out to dinner; we have planned to implement a non-isolation lifestyle that's somewhat similar to what we have. I'd be so disappointed in myself if we gave up on keeping fit, which we currently do daily. 

I'd be disappointed if we stopped focusing on the things that will play a part in creating a future foundation like our Open University study, CPD study and blogging or if we started going shopping a lot and not saving as we've surprisingly managed way better than we thought we would. 

We do want to get a day rider and visit Falkland, St Andrews, Anstruther and Aberdour. We want to visit Heritage sites and go walking more and beach hunting (such geeks right!) 

 Anything else? 

My favourite things at the moment include: 

Smol - With isolation, I looked at what we could buy that would be sent automatically but, was kinder to the environment. My eldest son is big into being eco-friendly, reducing plastic and saving money and I am also by default. Smol sent a trial (it cost £1, wasn't collaborated) and they were amazing, the scent was fresh and long-lasting. I signed up and over a month and a half we were going to be saving a heck-ton of money. It's win-win and they're now plastic-free! 

Iron and Velvet - Much like above, I wanted to make sure we had cleaning products. I like ones that work but smell amazing and Iron and Velvet were offering a pack that is plastic-free (again). You simply pop the capsule-thingy into an old cleaning bottle, mix with water and stick on the label. Voila, more cleaning product but without the plastic. The scent also is incredible.  

Inversion Junkie (IG) - Kayla inspires me so much to up my yoga game. Some of those yoga asanas she does are so difficult. If you're not a yoga person then they may look easy but believe me, these are incredible positions that she manages with ease. Way to go Kayla! 

Check out the others in the Linky. If you click over to Sarah and Bex's sites you'll find all of the linked up posts. Also, what have you been doing to get yourself through isolation sanely? 


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  1. hi elyse and connor, lovely to join up with the linky. We've both got asthma and are being v careful. Luckily been furloughed so taking to time to garden, walk locally (have many woods and a canal nearby) despite living in Manchester.
    We've been using smol for about 6 months - v happy with it. Hope you all have a good week and your boy had a fab birthday in these strange days. love Bec x

    1. Hi Bec,

      I initially thought Smol would be gimmicky but it's been awesome, I agree. I'm jealous about your walks, I'm still working from home so can't get out of the house at all really at the moment. Connor is furloughed though.
      Wee man had a great birthday, can't believe he's 11 already. Time goes too far.

      Sending you love. Keep safe <3

  2. Thank you for linking up! I think it is wonderful that you are doing various different things such as the squat challenge for Refuge!


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