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Muntinlupa Food Drive | Showing The World How Kindness Works

During isolation although hard, we've managed to find clarity. Helping others promote positivity has always been something that's been important but during these hard times, it's been a major focus. As many of you know, hairy boys son lives in the Philippines and the worry we've had has been increased due to the pandemic. 

We watch the news, find out how PH is doing and that led us to Muntinlupa Food Drive and the amazing work they have been doing in and around Muntinlupa region - where hairy boys son Samuel resides. 

In the UK many have been furloughed, many have had decreases in their salary or, worst case those who have lost their positions have had Universal Credit floors lowered aiding to improved success rates upon application. It's still hard though, isn't it? Imagine if you lived in a country where you didn't have the government babysitting you? Because we do have that in the UK, granted it's not enough to survive off but it's still something. In PH if you don't work or are 'furloughed' there's no Government hand out. Many of the residents were offered a food package but this was delivered in waves, many have only just received the food pack which typically consisted of rice, a few tinned foods and some dried noodles. Not much to feed a family, right? 

PH also locked themselves down pretty tight. They don't have shops at the end of each street, many don't drive and many don't have the support that's needed to go and get supplies - what would you do in that situation? This is why we both believe that Muntinlupa Food Drive has been a crucial asset in the lives of many within their barangay. 

What started off as a goal of 75k PHP (£1184.21) and a dream of helping 150 families locally. Now, they're sitting at over 300K PHP (£4736.84) which should help 1200 families - they're truly doing what their Government hasn't and this incredible increase will benefit their community tremendously. 

We donated straight away. Sitting in the UK there's not much we can physically do to help except donate - if you live in the UK then Paypal is the easiest donation method for sure. The non-profit has also been super transparent on their FB page showing each wave, the residents and what's included. You know it's been truly wonderful seeing their growth and just how many people they've helped. I think initially they undervalued their capabilities but look at them now! 

And just to be super transparent they've created a report to show how the donations have been spent. You can check that out here: transparency report

If you ever get the chance to see the Government's food pack in comparison to MFD's pack you will see just how improved it is. The waves have varied slightly but still retain the necessities - rice, canned goods, some have had chicken, some eggs, some vegetables, bread and sometimes treats which were kindly donated in-kind by local companies.

Does your heart feel warm yet? Because it should.  

Also, one super adorable little boy donated his collected coins. I'll not add his image to the blog but he is on the FB page. He had saved his pennies but due to isolation was unable to use them, so he donated them - his parents should be very proud of raising such a kind-hearted little dude. 

While it might seem quite daunting donating to an international country, it's not. We donated via Paypal. Super easy and effective. 

£3 (via Paypal) is equal to 190 PHP
£5 (via Paypal) is equal to 315 PHP.
£20 (via Paypal) is equal to 1263 PHP
£50 (via Paypal) is equal to 3158 PHP

So, if you're sitting in your warm house, furloughed, surrounded by your loved ones, with a full belly and food in the kitchen please consider donating to this cause. They are accepting donations until May 1st, even the smallest of donations counts. The conversion now from GBP: PHP is pretty shocking but it's still something. Just message their page to get the Paypal link - their response rate is super quick (way to go Isay!) but remember there's also a time difference of around seven hours. 

Sending love to you all. Stay safe. 

Elyse & Connor

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