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Alska | Ready-to-Drink Ciders, are they better than the competitors?

I tried so many varied alcoholic drinks over the last few years but never got around to posting about them all. Now, I'll have it be known I rarely drink and if I do it's more so gin with apple juice rather than fizz mizers - however, flavoured ciders always draw me in, even if I end up with a fizz baby belly and complain to my friends all night about being bloated - the struggle is very real! 

So, as you can imagine I'm always on the hunt for a good cider that tastes moorish but without the over-sweetened synthetic taste some have and, if I can find ones that don't make me double in size and, save my friends an earache about being bloated then it's surely a win, right...? 

Onwards to find the perfect ready to drink cider, here are some of the findings though, let me know if you agree or disagree with these ones? 

Aldi has always been a great place to pick up cheaper brand alternatives to the big names. Cider is no exception here, and, what they have to offer is a major game-changer in the world of budget drinking especially if you're a fan of the more popular high street brands such as Kopparberg and Rekorderlig. 

Alska, is the brainchild of the Swedish Cider Company in Stockholm and their goal is to create the best-tasting fruit cider in the land. Did they achieve this? 

Well, let's find out.....

First off I am partial to cider. But, I'm not overly keen on the dry stuff. I prefer the sweeter, fruity flavours that brands like Rekorderlig or Kopparberg offer and are widely known for because they are easy to get down and thirst-quenching in the Summer heat. So when I heard that Aldi offered something similar to these I initially didn't believe it because other big brands have tried to head the flavoured cider market and failed miserably. But I am a man who likes to save his precious coin so taste-testing this brand was a must. 

First off Alska cider will set you back a frivolous £1.49 per bottle. It's a huge difference in price from the other brands which range from £2.10 upwards to £3 per bottle. It's really like getting a buy one get one free, but does the taste compare? 

During the first taste, I was pleasantly surprised as the flavour range is what you would expect (or at least hope for). There are a lot of similarities to the other big brands that's for sure but I find these don't taste so synthetic or like they are lacking in taste notes. 

The range includes: 

Strawberry and Lime

♥ Nordic Berries
♥ Peach and Raspberry
♥ Pure Pear, 
♥ Pear  and Lychee
♥ Apple Cinnamon
♥ Winter Spices
♥ Lemon and Ginger. 

I've not tried all of the flavours, but I will be keeping my eyes peeled for the Cinnamon and Winter Spices (!!!). The flavours that I did try were all drinkable. All tasty. None were forced down. They were very much like their more expensive counterparts. 

One thing I noticed is that Alaska is sweeter and less carbonated which is great for you guys who have stomach issues. It's also gluten-free and suitable for vegans, if you look for those things when purchasing your grog then Alska is a sure bet. 

So, do I recommend this over the higher-priced alternatives? 


Aldi has lived up to its reputation with this range and continues to deliver top-quality merchandise while keeping the price within reason. Will I be choosing this brand over Kopparberg or Rekorderlig...? 

For the time being yes I will drink this alongside my favourites from Kopparberg and Rekorderlig, after all, they keep bringing out awesome new flavours but I'll still stick to my gin and flat apple juice for now. The hunt continues...

Statement: Purchased Myself

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