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Burt's Bees | Sensitive Day Cream

My goodness! I had this post snuck away in my drafts from ages ago, I seriously thought I had posted this but clearly, I was wrong. I am now mentally making my resolution to get organised a major priority especially since this image was my original product image and it's since been purchased a minimum of three times since - I suck huh. 

The product in question is of course Burt's Bees Sensitive Day Cream, I repurchased this time and time again because it's a great all-round cream that leaves you soft and supple with lasting effects. It's not scented, doesn't contain any nasties and the packaging ensures you get every last drop out of the tube. I've been trying to switch my beauty and skincare to a more natural form where possible. One thing I am looking into along with my skincare is a natural deodorant, Fifty and Fab explains why it's beneficial in her blog post, you should check it out for sure. Ultimately I'm looking for recommendations so please let me know what you recommend. 

My family know I love this brand and this cream so much that I think I now have enough stock of it to take me to June or July 2021 - I'm not complaining of course as I go through creams like they're going out of fashion. 

The tube is 50g and the cream's dispensed via a pump top, I've had no issues with the pump top and actually prefer them as I tend to get overly frustrated at squeeze tubes, especially when you're covered in cream and try to open those tough flip caps - I think I may have thrown a tube or two in the past *PMS* 

I love natural creams and this is 99% natural, ingredients include cotton extract which helps to replenish moisture, sunflower and jojoba oil, shea butter and aloe extract. There's no parabens or fragrance included so you can use this if you have even the most sensitive skin. 

You can get this from Burts Bees. I definitely recommend it if you're looking for a cream that lasts all day without any nasty side effects. 


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