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Dirty Works Vs Soap & Glory | Who Wins?

S&G Righteous Butter vs D.W Supreme Cream Body Butter

In the ring is two hard-hitting beauty brands. Soap & Glory and the newer lesser known Dirty Works. I'm not going to preach about who's good and who's bad, because I know some people adore Soap & Glory and have huge stockpiles. It's because of these Soap & Glory fans that I won't be preaching instead I just plan to tell you what I personally like or dislike.  

Dirty Work's - sounds a bit naughty, a bit indie and a bit industrial doesn't it? Having tried a sample of the Dirty Work's foot cream from their Facebook page last year I became hooked. I have issues with my nervous system and ultimately it affects how I touch things. To give myself a layer of protection I need to use lush balmy creams and Dirty Work's ticked every box. 

This leads me to Sainsbury's where I found they sold other products, I suppose the Dirty Work's products would fall into the same category as Soap & Glory. Vintage, colourful packaging with products that work. I *blush* had never tried Soap & Glory up until last year. While searching for Dirty Works I stupidly thought it was Superdrugs that sold it-doh which meant I was unable to find it. 

I was about to give up when I had an ah-ha moment. I thought instead I'll just go get some Soap & Glory goodies to tide me over because surely they're the same, maybe even S&G will be superior. I purchased the Soap & Glory Righteous Butter, got home and whipped out my tootsies and..... 

I was gutted. It just didn't leave the same balmy, soft and velvet coating. 

D.W Coconut Caress Body Scrub vs S&G The Greatest Scrub Of All 

I then tried to Soap & Glory The Greatest Scrub Of All and Flake Away. Again I found it doesn't even come close to beating Dirty Works when compared together. 

So, moisturiser aside my second favourite D.W product is the newest addition - Coconut Caress Body Scrub which costs £3.99. It also comes in a plentiful 200 ml size. It scrubs away dead skin while softening your body with coconut oil. You can also purchase the Coconut Caress Body Wash which is £2.99 from Dirty Works. Both products smell like a tranquil beach, fresh coconuts or coconut daiquiri *yum*

D.W Power Berry Detox mask vs S&G No Clogs Allowed Face Mask

The last product that I tried was the Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed face mask and the Dirty Works Power Berry Detox Mask. In all honesty, these both leave similar results. They have the same texture and thickness and feel lush on the skin. The difference, however, is that Dirty Work's mask smells like freshly crushed berries, not synthetic chemical scent 

Some may dislike the scent, of course, some may prefer the Soap & Glory packaging and some may just prefer one brand over the other. All I would say is try both brands. Compare them and you will find that while they are marketed in a similar way they are both very different. 

Personally, I prefer Dirty over Soap & Glory. It's the results of the Dirty I like, it's very moisturising and the effects last much longer than it's counter-part. You can find Dirty Works and of course Soap & Glory on FB. 



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  1. Just found your blog :)

    I'm in Australia and getting S&G is difficult, ridiculously priced at Kit, so I found Dirty Works I thought mmm new S&G? I LOVE DW coconut scrub vs S&G scrub actually - no comparison. But their body butters I find Righteous Butter a hard hitter.

    Maybe it's just my skin.

    I can't wait to try new products from DW because I can't believe I haven't found them yet, total sucker of the packaging!!


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