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Top Considerations when Buying a Mattress Online

A growing number of mattresses are conveniently available online. Among the benefits that buyers can enjoy with shopping online are being able to browse without a salesperson watching them and getting it delivered right to your doorstep. Here are the main considerations when buying a mattress online, with the goal to get you the best one for your sleep needs.

Type of Mattress

When you first start shopping around for a new mattress, the number of choices can be overwhelming. But understanding the main types available, and the differences between them will help you to determine which one you are likely to enjoy the best.

The major mattress types are:

Foam – Layers of memory foam provide pressure relief for aching joints and muscles. Gel-infused foam is also available in some mattresses for a cooler sleep experience; this feature is one that those who tend to sleep hot appreciate having in their mattress.

Innerspring – Featuring steel coils at its core, the innerspring mattress absorbs the body’s weight for a relaxing sleep. This type will appeal to you if you like firmness with a soft pillow top.

Hybrid – A combination of foam and innerspring, this mattress type is increasingly popular. It appeals to those who want both pressure-relieving foam and the sturdy comfort of an innerspring. As this type has a lot of bounce, it is great for those who like that feature.

In addition to choosing the type of mattress, you’ll also want to practice healthy sleep habits to ensure a better rest tonight. For example, don’t play energetic games with the dog right before bedtime as it is likely to keep you both awake!

Mattress Size

Another top consideration when mattress shopping is what size to get. The most popular sizes are:

 Twin XL
 California King

The size you prefer will depend on many factors, including whether you sleep alone or have a partner or pets. If you share the bed, then you will want to get one that has a larger width, such as the Queen or King sizes.

For couples, the Queen, King, and Cali King are all ones that allow you to sleep beside one another snuggle without feeling like there isn’t enough room. The Kingsize has a wider width than the Queen.

Meanwhile, Twin and Twin XL mattresses are great for guestrooms or college dorm rooms. The Twin XL is longer than the Twin size, which makes it a suitable option for those who are taller or simply like more legroom.

The Full-size mattress is a popular choice for teens who are looking for a bigger bed than the Twin, while their parents want to keep the price affordable. A full mattress can then be moved into a guest room when the teen eventually moves out.

These different mattress sizes and types are available from leading brands. When you buy from a recognized brand, you’re more likely to get quality products and excellent customer service, typically.

Mattress heights also differ, so be sure to consider that when choosing one if you want a lower bed. Getting in and out of it can be difficult for some people at a higher level, while it does not bother others.

Your Sleep Position

You’ll also want to choose the best mattress for your sleep position. You might be a:

♥ Stomach Sleeper
♥ Side Sleeper
♥ Back Sleeper
♥ Combination of the above

Back sleepers are common. A good thing about resting on the back does not put excess pressure on the neck or spine, and the spine keeps its alignment. Make sure not to get a mattress that is too soft; instead, looking for a memory foam or hybrid type with contouring properties.

Those who sleep on their stomach regularly risk straining their neck and pushing the spine out of alignment, as well. They put pressure on the lungs and chest too with this sleep style. Thus, the most comfortable mattress typically is an innerspring one that keeps your chest from sinking lower than the rest of the body.

Side sleepers, on the other hand, can benefit from a hybrid mattress that cushions the spine neck, waist, and back, while providing support at the same time. The top memory foam layer offers extra support.

Look for Sales

Staying within your budget is important, especially when it is a bigger item like a mattress. So, set a budget and stick with it. Find sale mattresses on Payday Deals to get a low price on a leading mattress. A variety of mattress types and sizes are available there, and you can easily filter by price. Getting a comfortable mattress at a good price is possible. Look for the mattress you like; you deserve to get an uninterrupted sleep.

Check Return Policies and Warranties

Always check what the details are before making this big purchase. A growing number of online mattress companies provide a “sleep trial,” which is a certain number of nights you can sleep on the mattress and return it if you are unsatisfied with it. Common examples are 90 nights or 120 nights. While some manufacturers ask you to pay for the return shipping costs, others do not.

As for warranties, they are typically between 10 and 25 years. Ensure that the product contains a warranty as it will safeguard against any manufacturing defects. It also often covers sagging that can happen over time; always read the specific wording to determine what is included as it can differ between brands.
Getting a New Mattress Online

Once you order your mattress online, you can look forward to enjoying the nights ahead of rest. The slumber you get will help you wake up the next day feeling great. You’ll be less likely to wake up feeling sore like you might have with your old mattress too.

Start now to clear space for the new mattress that is coming to your home. You might decide to redesign the bedroom or change the wall color. Create a relaxing atmosphere that encourages sleep.

Enjoy the mattress that you are likely to have for years to come. You deserve quality sleep!


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