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Kegel 8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner | Let's Talk Taboo

I've never been one to shy away from taboo subjects in hope of inspiring or helping others. Today's subject is, of course, the female pelvic floor and the embarrassing and at times painful issues that come with it, especially when it's not toned, fit and healthy. Most people believe that these issues only really happen to older ladies but the reality is they can happen to anyone of any age but, more so to those who have had large babies or multiple pregnancies. 

I myself have had three large baby boys in quick succession (over three years, with my first two being only eleven months apart - shocking I know). My first pregnancy resulted in a double mediolateral episiotomy (two large diagonal cuts through the muscle) and my final pregnancy resulted in sterilisation twelve-weeks after my son's birth. The sterilisation preceded some pretty serious health issues also which of course meant that exercise was out of the question - dammit even walking was out of the question for a while. 

Long story short, my pelvic floor and basically every muscle, large and small, sucked quite badly. I definitely did see and feel the effects of having a pathetic pelvic floor and I tried to follow the recommended pelvic floor exercises daily. I actually struggled to hold one squeeze for ten seconds and started shaking all over. It was tough! 

Even when I managed to up my manual squeezes to ten for ten seconds I still had issues with my back, stomach and toileting habits. I really think that it's a shame that us ladies can't discuss these topics, don't you? Especially given how many of us will suffer from varying degrees of this over the course of our life? How are we supposed to know what to do unless we talk to each other, find out each other tried and tested methods and support each other?

Symptoms of weakened Pelvic Muscles Include...

♥ Bladder Leaks | Coughing, sneezing and even jumping can result in embarrassing leaks. 
♥ Constipation & Straining | When the muscles are loosened things aren't held in as they should, this causes 'kinks' which can stop the poop from travelling down the normal route. 
♥ Tampons Not Working Perfectly | Again this may be due to looser muscles or prolapses altering the shape so the tampon can't sit as snug as is needed. 
♥ Pot Belly | When your muscles aren't tight your belly sticks out, this may make it look like you've put on weight as your muscles separate and poke outwards. 
♥ Lower Back Ache | This may feel worse around your cycle also, it can be debilitating for some. 
Trapped Wind That's Uncontrollable | Yup it's true, wind may accidentally slip out causing embarrassment. 
♥ Lack of Sensations or Pain | This really needs no explanation, the sensation can be lost in the vaginal walls if your pelvic floor area is looser, similarly, some ladies experience pain from having a prolapse. 
♥ Constantly Needing to Visit The Loo | When things are looser it can push down on your bladder and other organs, this increases the sensation of 'needing to go' even if you've just been to the toilet. This alone can stop ladies from getting good sleep, affects work and confidence. 
♥ Prolapse (Bulging into the Vagina) | This will look like a lump or bulge that pokes into the vaginal area, this bulge worsens when pushing on the toilet for example. 
♥ Increased Vaginal Discharge | When everything is been pushed on the body naturally increases lubrication to protect itself. 

Typically the pelvic floor muscles are weakened when they are stretched - being constipated, pregnancy, heavy lifting, health problems that lead to severe coughing or sneezing; weight gain and also hormonal changes can lead to overstretching and greatly affect this area. That's why many older ladies suffer once the menopause hits. 

Also, if you don't exercise that area then your age won't stop it from happening; you can be young, never having had any pregnancies, have a healthy BMI and no hormonal issues but the area will still slacken because it's not being worked or being put to use. 

The Kegel8 Ultra 20 Machine works in a couple of ways, it comes with both a probe and electrode pad set. The probe works by being inserted into the vagina and gets straight to the problem area by toning the muscles and tightening up the pelvic floor. If you can't use the probe or even need an extra boost then you can apply the four sticky electrode pads to your stomach, back, legs or basically anywhere that may need firming, toning or pain relief as it works in a similar way to a TENS machine. 

The unit allows you to run two things at once on different programmes - for example, you can run the probe at a very low beginners programme and the electrodes at a higher programme say for pain relief. I've tried a few programmes now and initially, I was really scared (having previously tried Slendertone machines that zap you *eek*) but the Ultra 20 doesn't hurt whatsoever. You can set it up then clip the unit to your trousers or belt and go about your day (in the house at least) as normal - I'm now happily on a 40MA (power and strength, this level really work your muscles) for around 45 minutes per day. I have used the pads alone for my stomach (to help cramps) and my back (to help backache). 

While I've only been using this for a few days I will be using this daily for the recommended twelve weeks so will be reporting back regularly on how well it's performing. It's important for me to really let you know the pro's and con's because (hopefully) this works in every aspect and can help others in a similar situation, there's nothing worse than having to alter your life or being too embarrassed to discuss this with your doctor. 

There are lots of products on the market to help improve this situation but my opinion was that an electronic product allows you to really customise your exercise to suit your personal tone and needs. Honestly, I'm much more likely to use an electronic anything than a manual when it comes to exercise and yes that includes intimate exercises, if you're similar or have issues relating to a weakened pelvic floor you may want to check out Kegel 8's range of electronic and manual products (for men and ladies) you can do so by visiting the Kegel 8 website. Plus side is they also offer Klarna so you can split your payments over three months. 

I understand that this might be out of the price range for some people, however, there are cheaper alternatives on the market. The following pelvic toners are reviewed highly, but I personally cannot vouch for them as I haven't tried them, so you should try them out.

Ladies let's not make this subject taboo any longer! Girl Power! 

Edit: OK so I used this machine daily for months. I used it with a variety of settings and found that I was starting to notice the benefits from around the 2-3 week mark. After 4-6 weeks of, use I found I could even manually hold a kegel without the pain, awkwardness and shaking. Now that it's been nearly two years since I originally published this review I can wholeheartedly say that this machine makes a difference, you need to also put in the work and use it as recommended but, if you do your pelvic floor will thank you. 



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  1. Interesting post, I think the only reason my pelvic floor is more of mess is cause my little one was delivered by csection, even though he did spend the less month pressing right on my bladder. Looks like a great machine for helping to improve the situation :-)

  2. Good for you for posting about this. Sounds like potentially a great gadget so I await your full review with interest.

  3. sounds like a great gadget to invest in

  4. sounds like a good gadget suppose its worth buying if it works.


  5. Can it work for pelvic floor disorder when you are too tight? Sounds like it's only for too loose.

    1. Hi Sheryl,
      Apologies for the delay, Blogger naughtily didn't notify me of your comment. I would say yes, you can custom set the machine to do various flows, it can help relax down there if you use it each day on a low wave setting. It tones the pelvic floor muscles when put on a high continuous setting.

      There's also 2 stick on pads that you can attach to your external pelvic area rather than inserting the wand. This can help to relax the area also and is especially great for beginners (or if you tend to have pain also, it's a great help).

      Hope this helps.

      Elyse x

  6. I am looking to buy this, kegel8 ultra20, i need help finding, how much, and where to purchase, i am in South Florida, U.S.A., please anyone help me? thank you HHO

    1. Hi Hal,
      Stress No More and Amazon have this model and ship to the USA. x Link: http://www.stressnomore.co.uk/kegel8-ultra.html

  7. This honestly sounds amazing for my mum! She had two slipped disks a few years ago and her pelvic floor isn't the same as it used to be. She's always saying how embarrassed she is when certain things linked to it happen. I'll be sure to show her this. :)

  8. Great to see your update after a good length of time. IT's funny but once we have kids the taboo shock of discussing legals goes out the window. It's so important.

  9. This sounds like a really great device for people. It is a shame that pelvic weakness seems to be such a taboo subject when it is something that so many people suffer from.

  10. This sounds like a really good device. Such a subject shouldn't be taboo

  11. I've not heard of this before. I didn't realise either that there were so many effects of weakened pelvic muscles! I suppose I have all of this to look forward to when I have children of my own!

  12. I'm really happy that I read this post. Often times, women are discouraged from taking about these type of issues and I am glad that you presented a product that can help.

  13. Firstly, great move to go back to a two year old post and update it. Secondly, it's great that this has worked so well!

  14. I knew that pelvic floor exercises were important but had no idea it was related to lower back pain!

  15. That's so good that you've really noticed a difference as keeping your pelvic floor tight is so important x

  16. This sounds like a great product that a lot of people could benefit from!
    I love that you went back and updated your finds after two years of use - it's always very helpful to see how products work long term :)

    Dani x

  17. What an interesting machine! My mummy could do with this as her body is in a right state, its great that it seemed to work.

  18. Good thing there are bloggers like you who are talking about something that are not into the norms. This is such an interesting post and I am sure many would benefit on this.

  19. Such a nifty gadget - will definitely be telling my friends about it, especially those who are mums :)

  20. Sounds like an interesting gadget to have if its something that you suffer with! I'm glad to see that this has worked really well for you over the years.

  21. Interesting ... I've never suffered from any of these symptoms but looks like a good gadget for those who do :)

  22. It sounds like an interesting machine for people who suffer of these symptoms after birth.

  23. What an interesting gadget and well done on talking about the issue. Glad to see you've seen success from it x


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