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Simple ways to kick start learning digital skills

As lockdown is slowly eased many of us are now finding a newfound appreciation for our time and how we spend it both socially and personally. 

Now we have had time to appreciate what we miss and didn't miss about life before the big 'C' word hit the world, many of having decided that we wish to expand our knowledge in other areas so that we can improve our lives moving forward into this new world that we find ourselves in. For many of us, this is a new interest in learning digital skills, which makes sense we’ve been at home on the Internet for two months!

The digital world can be very confusing for those wanting to start out, especially if you aren’t sure if you will enjoy it so don't want to go start forking out huge sums of dollar just for the software to try it out! For those seeking inspiration here are some great places to start learning digital skills which won’t break the bank in the bank, in fact, they are free! Get in!

Digital design

These skills are just a few clicks away with websites like canva which is great for those just wanting to jazz up some images for their blog or business page. For those wanting more expert knowledge, there are free products on sites such as Adobe Photoshop Express and GIMP which are great for photo editing for those wanting to add an extra dazzle to their photography. Woot!

Digital Language

If learning coding is more your thing then the giffgaff academy is a great place to start with classes including how to build a game of tic-tac-toe from scratch and Introduction to code. If you want to learn more in-depth skills W3schools and Codecademy offer great classes. These skills are useful for many areas of your life be it building your blog or, using it in your job - the possibilities are endless.

Video editing

If you want to get started on YouTube then you’ll be pleased to know that there is a free editor with their accounts. For those who want to expand past that then you can edit videos on your smartphone with software like Adobe Premiere Clip and iPhone are great places to start. It is also worth checking out social media channels such as TikTok which allow your to edit video content to share with your adoring followers...well, I wish! 

So, do we have anyone out there who has already started learning digital skills? Or have we managed to set off some inspiration in learning a new digital skill? If so, let us know below or share your results via social channels as we want to see your work!


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