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Soft Fingers, Toes & Tummies

I adore L'Occitane so it was only natural that I was going to love their latest creams. The Ultra Soft Creams come in three fragrances, Vanilla Bouquet, Zesty Lime and Rose Heart

The formula of these creams is also the perfect consistency for both, hand and body use. Inside each pot, you will find at least 10% Shea butters which are extremely nourishing for all skin types and, with the L'Occitane brand you know it's always going to be Fair Trade. In this day and age, especially with the current fight to equalise POC's rights, it means more than just words. Not all brands participate in fair trade.  

My sons love the Vanilla Bouquet cream which is sweet without that horrible sharp and sickly sweetness you get from so many vanilla scented products. My youngest Rome wanted to try it because he honestly thought it was vanilla icing - kids eh. My eldest son loved the Zesty Lime because it had that fresh and fruity kick that will wake you right up in the morning while clearing your head and the Rose Heart is my favourite - I adore the delicacy of this fragrance, it reminds me of the real rose scent that would come from making homemade rose perfume as a child. 

Each of the three creams is created with the same base and perform equally, it's hydrating, absorbs extremely well and lasts for hours. The scent dissipates within the hour but that's not an issue for me as I can't stand perfumed products that are really strong. 

Each of these beauties is available from the L'Occitane website. 


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