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First Foray into CBD | Is it Any Good?

My experiences of CBD before 2020 were nil. It wasn't something I was particularly interested in mostly due to everyone I know who had tried it, had reported that they used it for 'pain' and to get a better 'sleep'. For me sleep isn't an issue, energy is and the fight to stay awake. For this reason alone I vowed I wouldn't be taking the CBD route. 

But like most things, I always backtrack and reassess my understanding. I realised over 2020 that the supplements I took, affected me differently from others, that the typical energy products had no effect therefore maybe, just maybe, products that had no energy aim would affect me positively. Backward thinking but it led me to where I am today. 

I started off looking and questioning the products in Holland & Barrett but would leave empty-handed as I wasn't sure what was a marketing ploy and what actually worked. I read many blogs but I found Nixie's Nook - The benefits of CBD blog post to be really resourceful and changed my perception but most CBD products can be expensive and I hate to waste money. Literally, at the same time as my research kicked up a gear, I was isolated and working from home and Synerva contacted me to ask if I wanted to try any of their CBD products. 

This was a hard yes on my part. I really wanted to see what the results were and if they were worth the money. 

After discussing with the folks at Synerva what my needs were, we agreed that the 5% CBD oil was going to be the best bet for me. In this bottle alone there are 200 drops of healing power housed in an [reusable] amber dropped bottle. 

So what is 'CBD'? 

CBD is short for 'Cannabidiol' and does not have an intoxicating effect. Instead, it works on the endocannabinoid system has many functions including the regulation of the central nervous system, our mood, physiological and cognitive health and many other important functions. 

Is it legal? 

Yes! In the UK CBD products are legally allowed to be sold as long as they don't purport medicinal benefits however much like food, I assess everything I inject and apply for their overall effects on my wellbeing as a whole. For this reason, I have assessed the Synerva CBD oil in the same way. 

My experience

I could go into the long list of ailments and conditions that could benefit from CBD or at least, would be recommended to give it a try but I won't. All I will say is that if you are feeling off-kilter, or have symptoms then CBD may be a more natural option. 

I went into testing the drops with no expectations, I suppose I didn't think I would notice a difference and much like many of the supplements I take, I presumed it would take a few months to notice any change or improvement. At the time of starting, we were in the middle of lockdown, an old whiplash pain injury had flared up and I wasn't sleeping all too well due to the tightness and pain. 

No amount of painkillers, heat packs, massages from the hairy boy, warming creams, pain creams and supplements were making a difference. I was fed up of being in pain. Fed-up of not sleeping too well and it impacting me negatively. I figured I had nothing to lose at the point of taking the CBD. 

Opening the bottle it smells earthy and hemp like. I really love the smell of hemp but I wasn't sure how it was going to taste but I gave it a try. I applied one dropper of CBD under my tongue and held it there sublingually. I then swallowed and waited. There was no nausea (which is awesome as many make me nauseous), there was no weird feeling or negative side effects. 

The taste wasn't too great I will admit that. It reminded me of the taste of miso for some reason. But, if the benefits outweighed the taste I was all in. I repeated this for the rest of the week, my whiplash injury wasn't improving all that much but I was sleeping better. 

After having a dream about the Synerva oil (I know, so strange right) I woke up and decided to copy it. I took the oil, put two droppers full onto my neck and shoulder and rubbed it into the affected area and I kid you not, the pain dissipated!! Genuinely at this point, I knew this was a wonderful product. I had no other equal benefits from any other products at that point. 

The pain started to return around four hours later so once again I added half a dropper full to the area as a top-up and again the pain dissipated. I started to decrease the amount and today, I have no pain. I am still stiff and achy but the pain which was affecting my life in all areas has gone. I doubt I will ever be without the CBD oil because if it returns this will be my first port of call in treating and healing it. 

I am someone who can handle pain well, I'm not a complainer and tend to get on with things so when the pain affects my life and I find someone that helps in the way this did I want to shout about it from the rooftops. I'm also guessing that this may help most tissue or tendon aches and pains. I'd definitely recommend you try this if nothing else seems to be working. 

You can buy this and many other strengths over on the Synerva CBD Oils website. 


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  1. I've been considering CBD for a while, so this post is super helpful!


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