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CoinMetro | The New Exchange on The Block

It's been ages since I've written an article about cryptocurrency and it's very rare that anything catches my eye in the whole crypto-sphere. Sieving your way through all of the crap-coins and scams can really become a full-time job, but really knowing and understanding what you are investing in is absolutely crucial - lest you lose all of your money.

When you think about cryptocurrency exchange platforms you probably think about Binance. Since the crypto boom of 2018, Binance has been one of the biggest and most successful exchange platforms out there. In 2019, they achieved a daily average trading volume of over $2.8billion with 15million users worldwide, so it's easy to see exactly why they're the current top dog.

Personally, I've tried lots of different exchanges, and most, if not all, are ugly over-complicated messes. I like my UI's to be user friendly and easy to read. Clutter and over-complicated page design is a huge turn off for me when selecting where to trade. I want an exchange that offers accurate, clear and concise information without all of the unnecessary crap. 

Back in 2018, I joined an ICO (Initial coin offering) that looked promising. In all honesty, I forgot about it mainly because after the bull run of late 2017, early 2018, everything kind of went stale. Recently though, across my social's, I noticed that the project was not only up and running, but had a lot of things in the works. Roadmap, goals being completed, frequent updates from the team and no-nonsense info - my interest was certainly piqued once again. You see, this isn't the approach that most companies take and it was refreshing seeing a company be so blunt and real. 

The project is called CoinMetro, and if you follow some of my social platforms you will have no doubt seen me posting about it. CoinMetro is a trading platform that not only looks pretty but also functions. It's easy on the eye UX (User experience), in-built live-chat support (24 hours!), and the big one - FIAT to crypto deposits (tangible Government money into cryptocurrency). 

CoinMetro is fully regulated, that means it is licensed to provide crypto and FIAT wallet services. This is important because, in the future, it is very likely that cryptocurrency will be heavily regulated. Just like Binance and their BNB token, CoinMetro has a native currency called XCM. All of the services on the platform are paid with this token, such as trading.

The company is based in Estonia, which is one, of very few countries that offer clear legislation when it comes to cryptocurrency licenses. CoinMetro makes use of KYC (know your customer), which is something that you will be familiar with if you have registered on any exchange previously, applied for any UK based job or opened an account in a UK financial establishment. For those not in the know, it basically provides proof that you are who you say you are to the company requesting it. It helps protect you, as a client and the company as well. They will ask for things like photographic identification, such as a driving license or passport, proof of address documents, such as utility bills or credit card statements.  Getting verified provides you with the benefit of being protected from legal risks and you will receive a better level of service.

Overall, I'm very excited to see what happens with CoinMetro. It's one of the projects I'm keeping an eye on, which is only strengthed with the level of updates and progress achieved by the team.

If you'd like to sign up and start trading on this new, user-friendly platform, you can sign up on their website.

For those of you who are beginners and would like to know more about cryptocurrency in general, the CEO of CoinMetro, Kevin Murcko, has a series on Youtube called "Kevin Explains Crypto", where, you guessed it, talks about the ins and outs of cryptocurrency.

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