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How to make someone feel appreciated

In a time where we have limited options when it comes to spending time with those we care about and even seeing as many people as we’d like to (the saying killing more than two birds with one stone comes to mind). We have to make sure that we are checking up on and checking in with our nearest and dearest as often as we can. 

So for those racking your brain to think of the new ways you might be able to let a friend know they’re being thought about here are 3 ways you can show them you care...

Get quizzical 

Some may say this first one is Marmite but it was a worldwide fave during the lockdown and I’m sure will be after. As fun and interactive sports are limited, organising an online quizzical with you and your mates are guaranteed to keep you all laughing and distracted for a few hours. Not to mention you could even ramp up the stakes but offering a prize for the winner!

Get them a gift 

Now I’m not telling anyone to break the bank or do too much. But if you’ve been thinking of a way to treat a loved one a personalised gift always works. Whether it’s a little trinket that reminds you of an inside joke between you and a mate. Or what really screams personalised is a gift made with your very own hands. Check out giffgaff’s recycling ideas and create a work of art.

Start a film or book club

I was refreshingly surprised to find that one of the most helpful things we can do to maintain a positive mind is to escape and indulge in some of our favourite series, films, and books. Creating a little community or keeping up with a series to then discuss later on keeps you in constant contact with your friends and sparks good debates. 

So whip out some sweet and salted popcorn in your comfiest pyjamas and start on a good old fashioned binge! I say all of this to say don’t overdo it as binging for too long has the reverse effect.

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to show someone you care and if so let us know us below or on our social channels - sharing is caring!


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