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5 Tips to Fall in Love With Yourself

2020 has brought about some pretty crazy events but what's been clear is that when you have time for yourself, banana bread is a must, we all naturally want to become fitter, more positive and better versions of ourselves overall and, social sites such as Tik Tok and Instagram are leading rise to more ladies biting the bullet and putting themselves out there.

The #Over30 hashtag has become increasingly popular as adults take over with the iconic dance challenges, body positivity videos and empowerment Reels. All-in-all it's a fantastic thing to witness and will give way to more ladies letting out their inner queen and goddess.

If you're still fitting on the fence and feeling slightly detached from your inner queen, then here is five-ways you can get back in touch with her and really fall in love with yourself first and foremost and most importantly, stay in love. 

Become your biggest fan

Self-love is said to be a basic human requirement that needs to be balanced. Most people who feel a lack of confidence would have a self-love deficit. If this is you, then you need to become your own biggest fan.

Learning to support and cheer yourself on in the same way that you do for others can be a turning point in changing the way that the mind works. If you're someone that gives other positive responses such as 'I love your dress' or 'your hair looks nice' but then pushes away the same kind words with 'no I don't look nice' or 'you look better than I do' shows you need to work on your own self-love.

To change this, when you are given a positive compliment or an unkind message answer them with 'thank you' accept the positive compliments for what they are and kill any negativity with kindness. Nasty comments are not a reflection of 'you' they are more so a reflection of the giver.

Take some selfies just for yourself, if you need to use a minimal filter then do so but make it your aim to go au-naturel and to love the person looking back in this selfies. 

Speak kindly to yourself

Look at yourself naked in the mirror and say nothing for a few minutes. Your mind will want to point out the negative things it sees. Let your mind process through that negativity. Then, I want you to say out loud to yourself 'I am beautiful' and go on to point out the positive assets you have. Maybe you like the way you smile, or a certain freckle on your body, maybe your hips are your favourite asset or the curve of your boobs.

Saying them out loud ensures that those positive messages erase the negative inner thoughts. Do this daily if you can until you realise just how goddam-beautiful-you-are.

Get to know your own body

We've moved on from loving your naked body to get to know your body. This is a biggie and something I believe many women are uncomfortable with, however, if you don't know your own body, how can you ever think anyone else will? By not getting to know what you like and dislike on your own body means that your sexual pleasure won't reach its peak - and - no-one wants that.

Take the time to explore every inch of your own skin. If you're nervous try using a sensitive lube and find out what feels good and what doesn't. Take pride in your sexual preferences, enjoy your own body and, I promise you that your sexual life will always be fulfilling.

Once confident there are many apps out there for those looking for dates without any expectations. If you're not ready to try an app I can recommend nostringsdating net as a great option. Enjoying the human body with someone else is amazing but remember if you can't enjoy it alone, you might not benefit from the experience of being with someone else. 

Just remember to enjoy the experience and, if it doesn't make you happy, don't do it.

Go on adventures

Why wait for a partner to take you to those places on your wishlist? You are a strong woman who can do so much and without anyone else. Either arrange with friends to go on adventures, why not go on an international holiday (if the pandemic ever eases) or maybe visit some local tourist traps that you've just never gotten round to visiting. Try a new course, go see a new show or take a new class.

But, whatever you do, make it fun, hell make it last minute to really add to the adrenaline. Break out of your comfort zone and just go for it.

Go out and meet people

Getting out and meeting others can take you out of your own head. Meeting a variety of different people with varied interests will allow you to see that humans really are so different. No-one is really alike. There are many social websites that can help you meet new people, sites such as adult dating sites, social media groups for local events, friend meet up sites and so many more. 

Following these steps and really embracing the awesomeness that is 'you' is the first step to really enjoying your future. You are a goddess! Just remember that. 


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  1. Yes! Becoming your biggest fan is so so important - hardest thing to do but once you get there it's amazing! x


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