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Shop Local UK | Cosy Christmas Wishlist

Happy November everyone! 

How are you holding up during the local lockdowns? Hoping everyone is safe and my door is always open if anyone needs to vent. 

We're based in Fife so haven't been hit as badly as Edinburgh and Dundee however, it hasn't come without its worries, difficulties and stress which I know everyone is feeling right now. With Christmas coming up it's been yet another worry as England and many companies go into further lockdown for four-weeks. I've had nightmares about not having anything for the boys or hairy boy so realise that buying local is a better option especially, right now. 

I've literally done a heck-ton of online shopping trying to find amazing products for my loved ones from sellers based in the UK. Here is a compilation of some of my absolute favourites right now - the wishlist conveys a cosy Christmas appeal don't you think?

My Cosy Christmas wishlist can be found over on Etsy if you wanted to check out any of the below items in more depth. 

The first item that started this wishlist was the Brooklyn Nine-Nine 'I am Ecstatic' card at the bottom from LoveFromCo - I absolutely adore this TV show and Captain Raymond Holt's dry sense of humour, it's absolutely amazing! You cannot read this card without saying it in his voice.

The perfect Christmas Day for us is spending it indoors with family, we don't go out, however, we always get dressed up and make an effort just to spend time together, the Vintage Paisley Dress would be ideal to wear during the festive season, I really love it, it's so unique. That being said I do like a bit of tartan, naturally being Scottish I have a bit of a penchant for tartan which is why you'll see not one, but two tartan items listen on this wishlist - the Red Fraser Tartan cowl is the epitome of Scottish winter fashion and I could imagine myself wearing this on Boxing Day and into 2021 and, the Christmas plaid headband which will go with everything and keep your hair out of your face while you dance crazily around the living room with your family. 

We eat rubbish during the day, well mostly I do in all honesty, it's been a long tradition that I eat chocolate for breakfast - the calories do not count on Christmas Day so I 100% would be all over these letterbox Brownies. As a child, I'd get up before my parents did and I always received a box of Ferrero Rocher, so I'd eat those at six in the morning, it always stuck with me throughout the year. Together we will both spend time cooking dinner while lighting candles in the house such as the Advent Calendar Candle or really any of the candles by Kindred Fires or popping some soy melts into the burner, such as the Cosy Nights soy melts, laughing at terrible TV and no doubt hairy boy will be testing out some new games on the PC this year as he always does. 

For us, the festive season is just incredibly relaxed and chill and while 2020 can be described as anything but, I'm hoping that Christmas will feel like a turning point for everyone. We have all come this far and we're going strong so I'm sure we can reach the end of this CV race. Community is the best gift we can all take from this I feel. 

Etsy has compiled their own Christmas wishlists, literally for every need. I recommend this candles wishlists - candles are a great option for everyone at Christmas or, for a ton of budget-friendly ideas this is the ideal one to check out - gifts under £30 wishlist. Sometimes the smallest gifts are the best gifts, that's why I love the I'm on the naughty list' pencils. Small, low-cost, funny but absolutely usable. 

But, whatever you do this festive season, please stay safe and look after yourself and we will all hope that things change into 2021. 


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